How Did Singer Jovit Baldivino Die? Cause of Death Described

How Did Singer Jovit Baldivino Die? Cause of Death Described
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Jovit Baldivino Cause of Death

Jovit Baldivino, who was only 29 years old at the time of his death, left a Facebook post from his wife saying that she already misses him. Jovit Baldivino wife, Camille ann Miguel, wrote on Facebook that she already misses her husband and that she loves him dearly. While also asking them to stop spreading rumours about Jovit Baldivino demise, her fans and followers on Jovit. Follow For More Updates at

Later, Jovit’s father also blogged about his son’s passing online. He noted that Jovit had died at the age of 29 and on December 8, 2022, a Thursday. Jovit’s father also mentioned that his son had an aneurysm, and that he died following a severe stroke.

How Did Jovit Baldivino Die?

Jovit experienced a stroke on November 22nd, later in the month while still taking medication. Jovit’s doctors recommended him against engaging in any physically demanding activities. Despite this, Jovit went to an event he was going to perform after receiving demands from his fans and followers. When she was demanded at the Christmas party, Jovit was preparing to perform his songs.

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Jovit attended the performance and gave a performance. It was then mentioned that Jovit had sat on a chair for a considerable amount of time and had grown pale. A local resident noted that JOvit had been motionless for an hour while seated on a chair.

Jovit Bladivino, a 29-year-old Filipino singer, has now passed away. The musician’s death was reported via a social media post by his wife and his father, who also stated that the artist had a condition that caused him to suffer from death. The singer was previously identified as having a disease that required hospitalisation.

Many people were shocked and grieved by the news of the singer’s passing. The singer, who participated in and won the Philippine Got Talent competition, was adored for his voice by many. Stay tuned as we go into great depth regarding Jovit and his unfortunate demise.

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The deformation of Jovit soon became apparent, and saliva began to flow from his mouth. On December 4, 2022, the singer was moved sooner to the Nazareth Jesus hospital. It was claimed that Jovit died when his condition got worse. He also had a blood clot in his brain, which doctors tried to suction out but failed to remove since Jovit passed dead as a result of his illness. Jovit took part in the inaugural episode of Philipinas Got Talent.

which aired in 2010, and he also took home the show’s trophy. From there he launched his career and recorded many CDs as well. Prior to that, while still in high school, Jovit used to sell Siomat at a nearby market. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Some of the well-known songs by Jovit that were popular and also adored by many people were Pusong Batao, Too Much Love Will Kill You, and Faithfully by Journey. Javit’s final appearance was on Family Feud. The winner of the second season of Philipina Got Talent, Marcelito Pomoy, posted on social media that he had a chat with Jovit and explained how he was a wonderful guy.

He also apologised for not being able to assist Jovit’s family and expressed his sympathies to them. Finally, he expressed gratitude to everyone who had assisted his friend in raising money through his trying times.

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