How To Avoid Kbgo Violence Is? – Cape Legend Detail Explored

How To Avoid Kbgo Violence Is? – Cape Legend
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The rapid development of technology makes people’s lives easier. However, there are still people who abuse the convenience provided by today’s technology. For example, by committing acts of gender-based violence that are rife in cyberspace.

What is KBGO?  - digitalMamaID

Online gender-based violence or abbreviated as KBGO is an act of violence or sexual harassment that harms one gender, especially women through internet technology intermediaries. KBGO is not an act of physical violence, but an act of verbal violence.

Maybe the term KBGO still sounds foreign to ordinary people. However, KBGO behavior, either intentionally or unintentionally, often occurs in this digital era. An example is creating content on social media that makes women as sexual objects.

Based on data in the annual report of the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) during 2020 there were 940 reports of KBGO cases. This figure increased from the previous year, which was 241 cases.

In a sense, the increase in KBGO has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, where almost all activities have shifted to digital (online). The data also shows that the increase in internet use during the pandemic is in line with the increase in the number of KBGO cases.

There are eight forms of sexual violence that have been reported to Komnas Perempuan, namely approaches to deceiving (cyber grooming), online harassment (cyber harassment), hacking (hacking), illegal content (illegal content), invasion of privacy (infringement of privacy), distribution threats. personal photos/videos (malicious distribution), defamation (online defamation), and online recruitment (online recruitment).

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So, how to prevent KBGO?

Online Sexual Violence is Increasingly Threatening, Recognize its Forms and How to Prevent It!

Reported from Instagram @kemenkominfo, here are the efforts to avoid KBGO

1. Separate private and public accounts

This account separation aims to limit personal matters from being spread to the public so that they can protect themselves from crimes in cyberspace.

Reported from Instagram @kemenkominfo, here are the efforts to avoid KBGO

2. Pay attention to privacy settings

Set the privacy of personal data that you want to share in cyberspace, such as full name, photo, phone number, and so on. Try not to let things that are very personal spread to your social media.

3. Create a strong password and change it regularly

One way to avoid hacking your account on social media is to create a strong password (containing letters, numbers, and symbols) and change it regularly.

4. Turn on login verification on every social media

Login verification is also needed to make social media more secure and avoid account hacking.

5. Avoid sharing location in real time

Sharing your location in real time is highly discouraged as it can trigger criminal acts, such as stalking.

6. Don’t just trust third-party apps

Always be wary of third-party apps. What’s more, if the app asks for permission to access your social media.

7. Be wary of strangers on social media

Just like in the real world, you can’t just trust strangers. Therefore, keep limiting strangers, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

KBGO provides physical, psychological, economic, and social impacts for its victims. If you have experienced or know a victim of KBGO, you can ask for help from a legal institution through the Legal Aid Institute (LBH), psychological assistance, such as counseling services, and report to related institutions, such as Komnas Perempuan by telephone at 021-3903963 and 021- 80305399 or by email to [email protected]

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