How to Check Official iPhone IMEI Number ibox Online Ori Or Not –

How to Check Official iPhone IMEI Number ibox Online Ori Or Not –
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We already know that now there are many types of cellphones on the market, every month a new type of smartphone appears with increasingly sophisticated technology. This is also done by the Apple market with its product called iPhone.

Now the iPhone is releasing a smartphone with a more sophisticated version, namely the iPhone 14. However, the more smartphones released by this company, the more manufacturers are making counterfeit versions.

Even this fake version is the same as the original version, there is only one way to distinguish which is the original iPhone and which iPhone can be said to be informal or fake.

The best way to tell the difference is to check the smartphone imei number. So, for those of you who don’t know how to check iPhone IMEI, you can see the following discussion.

How Important is Mobile IMEI?

How to Check Official iPhone IMEI Number ibox Online Ori Or Not

If observed from its function, the IMEI number can be used to identify a device that has no permanent or semi-permanent interaction with the customer.

In other words, this IMEI number can be used by GSM operator networks to identify smartphone devices, whether the next device is valid or not. So this imei number is really important because its use can prevent network access in a country.

In particular, the IMEI number can activate the system or network to prevent the phone from being lost or stolen while making a call. This IMEI also counts as one originating from the management of the use of mobile devices or smartphones.

This is also generally done by people who often buy used cellphones, they can check the IMEI number to check whether their cellphone is registered with the Ministry of Industry (RI Ministry of Industry) or not.

This IMEI number can also provide information to users about the network, country of origin and network of origin of the device, warranty, and also operator information used.

Thus, law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies can use this IMEI number to track devices from anywhere, even if they are far away.

If something happens to the device, the service provider can use the IMEI number to blacklist it and also block the use of the device.

How Does an Iphone IMEI Number Work?

How to Check Official iPhone IMEI Number ibox Online Ori Or Not
How to Check Official iPhone IMEI Number ibox Online Ori Or Not

Almost most mobile devices use the IMEI number, the IMEI must also have been registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry. So, you can also check the IMEI number yourself.

The most common way to check the IMEI number is to look directly at the casing that is written on the back of the battery. However, not everyone can do it, so the designers made the easy step by typing *#06# on the keyboard.

But what if your Iphone device is stolen? If the mobile device is lost or stolen, the owner can contact the CEIR (Central Device Identity Registry) and file a report that the mobile phone is lost or stolen. Then they can blacklist the IMEI of the next device.

After the user has gone through this section, the telephone with the IMEI that is subsequently reported cannot be reused, especially unless the thief changes the device’s SIM card.

While this is not an easy task, sometimes more than one agile and persistent party can change the IMEI number, so that the stolen device can always be used to make calls.

So that’s why unless you buy a smartphone, especially an Iphone, you should save your IMEI number in a safe place.

How to Check iPhone IMEI Number

After you understand how important this IMEI number is on a smartphone, you definitely want to check your iPhone IMEI number. Don’t let it be because you bought a smartphone that it can actually have a bad impact later in the day.

There are many steps to check the iPhone IMEI number, some of which are as explained below.

Check iPhone IMEI From Settings Menu

The easiest way to check IMEI on an iPhone is with the settings menu available on the cellphone. This is definitely very easy and can be implemented for all types of iPhone devices. For how to see the following instructions.

  • First access the Settings menu.
  • Then select the General menu.
  • Continue by selecting the About option.
  • In this menu look for and select the IMEI comom.
  • If correct you can see 15 to 17 digit numbers.

Check IMEI Through SIM Slot

you to access the device. You can check the iPhone IMEI from the SIM slot, where the serial number can be written according to the iPhone IMEI number used.

So to carry out this step, you must use a tool called SIM Card Injector to access the SIM slot. Later on the left side of the case, you can see the number or IMEI number listed.

Note: not all types of iPhone can take advantage of the steps to check the iPhone via this SIM card slot.

Check IMEI iPhone Box Box

For those of you who have just bought an iPhone, whether it’s new or used, you can also see the IMEI number directly from the box. Usually customers can immediately see the IMEI number on the box and can match the next number to the cell phone.

If the IMEI is written the same, you can be sure unless the next iPhone is genuine and has been registered with Apple. But to be sure, you can check the IMEI of the iPhone at

If you don’t know the steps to check your iPhone’s IMEI number via the Ministry of Industry, you can see the following instructions.

Using the website

  • Open the website browser application, and visit the ministry of industry website at
  • Next type the IMEI number written on the cellphone.
  • Then select the search button or search.
  • then a new page can appear regarding the information that the device you are using is already registered with the Ministry of Industry or not.

Using the Finder App and iTunes

Another way that you can use to check iPhone IMEI is by using the Finder and iTunes applications. The method is really easy, you only have to prepare a laptop device that has the Finder and iTunes applications installed.

If everything is prepared, then you can follow the following steps.

  • Connect your iPhone to a computer that has Finder and iTunes installed.
  • If you’re using a Mac with macOS or later, access the Finder app.
  • If you use a Mac with macOS Mojave or an older version, you can use the iTunes application.
  • Select Locate your device for those of you who use the Finder application and see the IMEI number in the General Tab.
  • Meanwhile, for those of you who use the iTunes application, you can select Summary to get the iPhone IMEI number info.

Note: If it doesn’t appear, select Phone Number or Device Model to find the IMEI number.

Check IMEI on the Apple Id site

The last way to check iPhone IMEI is to visit Apple’s official website. Only more than one person uses this step, but you can also use this step, for how to see the steps below.

  • Open the web browser application after that on the url page type or click here.
  • On the home page carry out the account login using the registered ID of the iPhone mobile.
  • Then select Device to see the information on the iPhone IMEI number used.

This is the information that we provide, hopefully it can increase knowledge about the various steps to check the latest iPhone IMEI. For other information, you can see the following article.



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