How to Open Safe Apk Files on Original Android 100% Work –

How to Open Safe Apk Files on Original Android 100% Work –
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How To Open Apk Files-Smartphone users are always spoiled by the presence of games or applications available on the Play Store. This of course makes it easier for those of us who want to download or install the applications we need. But of course you have also experienced when you want to install an application that is not available in the official app store. So that requires you to download it by doing a search on the internet.

There are various types of formats that we will encounter when downloading games or applications, for example apk or xapk. For those who want to install a game outside the Play Store for the first time, they might feel confused about how to open it so that the application is installed on your smartphone.

Since the apk file is not an official application or game, it is possible that this application has malware in it, so you need to be careful when downloading it. For more details about our review on this occasion, you can immediately see more details below.

What are Apks?

Apk is a file that contains an android application package. In this file we will find various kinds of files that have been compressed in zip format or so on. To be able to get this file we can download it via the site that provides it. If you are loyal readers of Loop, surely you have downloaded the apk file that we have shared in our other reviews.

Official app stores like the play store itself certainly have requirements for new apps that want to be here. Because it doesn’t meet the requirements that’s why we can’t find apps or games here.

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Tips for Opening Safe Apk Files

For those of you who want to install this apk file, then you should be able to listen in advance to some of the tips that we will provide as follows.

Choose a Trusted Site

There are quite a number of trusted sites that you can access to get this apk or xapk file, one of which is apkpure. Here you can get various game and application apk files. For the security of this site itself, many have proven it.

Install Anti-Virus

Now there are many anti-virus applications available on the play store. That way you can choose according to your needs. The advantage when we have this antivirus is that this application will detect when there is a malware file contained in the apk file.

Those are some tips that you can try when you want to download or install files in the apk format. This is so that our smartphones are free from malware which can later interfere with the performance of your smartphone.

How To Open Apk Files

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to open this apk file, then you can take a few steps first, which are as follows.

  • First you can enter the settings menu on your smartphone
  • Then after that the way of security or security
  • Then select the application menu
  • Look for “Unknown Source” or “Unknown source” then check it
  • The next step is to open the download folder where it is stored
  • Select the apk you want to open or install
  • Finally, just wait for it to finish.

With the steps we have explained above, now you have successfully opened the apk file on your smartphone, so the next step is just to play the game or application.

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The final word

On the internet we will find many files with various formats, and each format itself has its own way to open it. For example, when you want to open zip or rar files, you need additional applications such as Zarchiver.

That was the review that we can share about how to open the apk file, I hope the tutorial that we have shared above can be useful for all of you.



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