How to Order Free Shopee Food and the Latest 50% Discount –

How to Order Free Shopee Food and the Latest 50% Discount –
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Cara Order Shopee Food– Surely you already know that the largest marketplace in Indonesia is Shopee. Maybe some people know that Shopee provides various kinds of electronic products, clothing, decorations and so on.

But who would have thought, Shopee started to spread its wings in the culinary business called Shopee Food. From the beginning there has also been a food category in the shopee application, the way it works is not much different from how to order other items.

However, ordering Shopee Food is different from ordering at regular Shopee, this Shopee Food has the same order as GoFood or GrabFood. So what exactly is Shopee Food? Keep reading this article, we will discuss everything here!

What is Shopee Food?

Shopee food is a service for ordering food online owned by Shopee. This service is almost similar to GrabFood and GoFood.

This service is fairly new but many people are already using it. This service is expected to make it easier for Shopee users to order food online.

How Shopee Food Works

After you know about the meaning of shopee food, now you also need to know how it works. The service flow is the same as merchants, drivers and consumers.

In the following, I will provide information about the ordering workflow at Shopee Food:

  • Consumers can order food through Shopee Food and can choose from a variety of available stores. Then the consumer selects the menu and selects a payment method
  • After you have completed your order, the merchant will immediately prepare your food
  • Then the Shopee Food driver immediately headed to the merchant to pick up food
  • Drivers will deliver the food to the address listed
  • If you choose the payment method via COD, if the food comes you can pay for it immediately

Is it similar to how to order food in other applications? For those of you who want to order food at Shopee Food but don’t know how. Come on, see the review below, the steps to order Shopee Food.

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Cara Order Shopee Food

But you must meet the following requirements to be able to order Shopee Food:

  • Already have a shopee account
  • Login to your shopee account on your smartphone. Because this application can only be used on smartphones

Here are the ways to order Shopee Food:

Open the Shopee App

If you have downloaded the Shopee application, then log in with the account you created. Then the shop menu will appear. In the search field, write “Shopee food”. If we have continued the next point.

Select Address and Store Search

To find an address, it is recommended to activate the location so that shopee knows where you are. In the search field you can write any food you want to order or recommendations will appear below. If you have found the store you have chosen, simply click on the store.

Choose Food or Beverage

Then you enter the shop that has been selected. There are lots of food and drink menus. If there is a separate voucher from the store, you can claim it by clicking on the “claim” button. The voucher will automatically be active.

If you already know what food you want to order, then just click checkout.

Order Confirmation

Henceforth you can confirm the order, here you can check the address, order amount, payment method and enter the voucher.

Make sure the address listed is correct and the order quantity as well. There are 2 types of payment methods in this shopee food. Can only use shopeepay and COD(cash on delivery) directly with drivers. Then click “confirm”

Order checkout

After everything has been done you only need to checkout the order. And never get bored checking your Shopee food orders, starting with the order amount, recipient address, payment amount. If you are absolutely sure click “order now”

So, after that you just have to wait for the driver to deliver your order. If you use COD payments you can pay when the driver has arrived to deliver your food.

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Discount 50% and Free Shipping Shopee Food

For discounts or discounts to free shipping, this is a program provided by Shopee, maybe this will change someday. Indeed, for now there is still such a program.

You also need to know that Shopee Food is only available in big cities, so those of you who are in the area cannot fully enjoy this one service.


For those of you who previously ordered food or drinks using Grab, now there is a new option you can try, namely Shopee Food. That’s it. How to order Shopee Food in the Shopee application. It’s easy! Thank you, I hope this article is useful



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