How to Rent a Viral Girlfriend, Here’s the Rates and the Rules –

How to Rent a Viral Girlfriend, Here’s the Rates and the Rules –
– #Rent #Viral #Girlfriend #Heres #Rates #Rules – How to Rent a Boyfriend at this time is a method that is currently booming and trending in Indonesia. The reason is, because there is a convenience from service providers who offer to be able to rent as a couple.

Where you can do things like a real partner. Like watching movies together, having lunch together, playing in the park, and taking walks. Because of this service in Indonesia, many people want to try it.

Are you one of them?. For this reason, we are here to discuss the various components of How to Rent a Boyfriend. Such as the rates charged, requirements, and so on about this one service.

Know How to Rent a Boyfriend

With the development of all technologies in all directions. So various conveniences are also offered from various directions, one of which is the girlfriend rental service which is currently trending.

How can you not be trending, because this girlfriend rental service can be considered quite strange to hear. Because of advances in existing technology, you can easily rent a partner now.

You can choose the criteria from the couples that are offered for you to rent as a partner for a certain time. In addition, the fees charged will vary according to the choice and also the length of time.

And interestingly, there are also various packages that you can choose from when choosing this service. With this package offered, it will be easier for you to do How to Rent a Boyfriend.

Because the package has made anything that you can get when buying services, and also the rate in the form of a nominal rupiah is already stated in the promotion for the girlfriend rental package.

When you make a purchase from this girlfriend rental, you can do a variety of things like a real couple. Such as holding hands, embracing, telling stories, doing sightseeing activities.

However, you may not take actions that violate immorality when using this service. Because there is already a rule where customers are not allowed to commit immoral acts against the girlfriend of their choice.

With the diversity offered from renting a girlfriend, it attracts the attention of many people who are made curious about this trending service.

If you are one of them who wants to try this unique service, then this article is the right source of information. Because we will explain in detail about How to Rent a Boyfriend. For that scroll this article to the end.

How to Rent a Girlfriend Through Instagram

How to Rent a Girlfriend Through Instagram

On a social media called Instragram, you can get offers in the form of offline girlfriend rental services. Where you will be like having a real date with this couple’s rental service.

With Instagram accounts that offer several choices of girlfriend rental services, you can use this service easily. It also contains various matters relating to the services it offers.

For this reason, here is information about several names for Instagram accounts from renting girlfriends, and we will also provide information on what kind of services are offered. So, you can find out the info before buying this service.

1. Rental_Girlfriend.Uwu

The first Instagram account name in this service offer is Rental_Girlfriend.Uwu. You can do a search on Instagram with that username. Then you will be able to find the account.

In this account there are several interesting offers about girlfriend rental services. Such as the price list for the services provided when the services are purchased, the biodata of the talents for the girlfriend rental account, and there are also testimonials from the customers.

And there you can see there is a WhatsApp number that you can contact, to be able to order this girlfriend rental service. So, you can ask questions before placing an order.

2. Nihon_Uwu

The Instagram account name for the next girlfriend rental service is Nihon_Uwu. Where you can see – first look at the feeds posted in that account.

In the account, there will be several feeds related to the services it offers. Such as a complete pricelist of services, a list of talents and their photos, and also some unique facts about the relationship.

Just like the previous account, you will get information about Whatsapp which you can contact if you are interested in using this service. And of course later this person will arrange the talent you choose.

3. Rentgirlfriend_ind

The last Instagram account name that we recommend for this unique service is rentgirlfriend_ind. There you will find a wide selection of talents that you can choose according to your criteria to become a rental partner.

And for the services provided, such as just chatting, offline dating, and also several other additional services have been explained. As well as the tariff for each service offered, the rupiah rate has been given.

So, all you have to do is choose what kind of talent you want and what services you want to buy from this service. By contacting the Whatsapp number listed, you can immediately place an order.

How to Rent a Girlfriend Through the Web

How to Rent a Girlfriend Through the Web

Apart from Instagram, you can also order this service via the web in your browser. You can directly type Then you will be directly directed to Facebook.

After logging into the Facebook account, it’s the same as via Instagram earlier. You will be presented with a wide selection of girlfriend rental talents in it. And also the desired service offer.

With a Whatsapp number that you can contact, you will be able to order whatever talent and service you want at the rate determined by the boyfriend rental service provider.

How to Rent a Girlfriend and Reference Prices from Service

How to Rent a Girlfriend and Reference Prices from Service

To use this unique service, you will find a price list of the services offered. And for this service you can order offline dating or online dating.

With these 2 types of service forms, the rates charged are also different. Because of this price difference, we will make a table of services and rates.

We will make a reference table of services and prices for girlfriend rental services. The rates will differ from each account that you access to place an order. Because the price of the tariff will not be much different.

1. Dating is done online

One of the options for this girlfriend rental service is to do it online. Where you can have a conversation with talent, like a conversation with your partner.

With that, we will make a price reference table for this service and also the rates for online dating. The prices in the table are only a reference, but usually the prices will not be much different.

Services Offered Tariff From Service
3 Day Chat Rp. 80.000
7 Days Chat Rp. 150.000
Chat 1 Month Rp. 600.000
Pap Selfie Rp. 40.000
Voice Note Rp. 40.000
Video Call Rp. 50.000
Voice Call Rp. 40.000
Sleep Call Rp. 50.000
Cosplay Rp. 100.000

2. Dating is done offline

One more option for this girlfriend rental service is being able to do offline dating. Where you will meet directly with the talent you want, and can carry out activities like a partner.

Like holding hands, taking photos together, embracing shoulders, leaning on shoulders, and being able to request outfits from talent. That way, you will feel the experience of having a partner.

For offline dating, of course, the rates are different from online dating. Because you can meet the talent directly. For this reason, this is a reference table of prices and services offered.

Services Offered Tariff From Service
Meet For 3 Hours Rp. 300.000
Increase Meeting Time Rp. 70,000 / Hour
Doing Cosplays Rp. 100,000 (Not Including Costume Prices)

Tutorial on How to Rent a Girlfriend

Tutorial on How to Rent a Girlfriend

We will provide a tutorial on How to Rent a Girlfriend, so you can buy this unique service safely and also not be fooled. That way, here are the steps you can try to place an order from this service.

  1. Find accounts that offer this service, you can also recommend accounts from reading.
  2. Make sure the account is really real and not a fake account from a fraudster, you can do this by looking at the testimonials.
  3. Choose what kind of talent you want to make as a rental partner, determine the type of dating you want, and also what services you want to order.
  4. After that, you can contact the Whatsapp number contained in the account that offers this girlfriend rental service.
  5. Then you will be directed to the talent, after you can be sure that your order has been received.
  6. And you can also do dating with the talent of your choice according to the service you previously ordered.

The final word

That’s all the discussion of the article about How to Rent a Boyfriend. We urge you to be careful when using this service so that you are not fooled by a fake account.

Hopefully this article can help you have experience in trying this unique service. See you again in our next article.



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