How to Save Internet Quota When Tethering to a Laptop –

How to Save Internet Quota When Tethering to a Laptop –
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The internet quota that we often use on cellphones, we usually know how much quota is used, but do you know how much quota is used when tethering to a laptop?

Every time your laptop is connected to Android WiFi, it will quickly use up a lot of internet quota and will eventually become a waste of internet quota.

Because most other laptop users who connect to the internet by relying on a WiFi connection, complain about the same problem with their prepaid card internet package.

Tips for Saving Internet Quota when Tethering to a Laptop

For those of you who still spend a lot of internet quota and want to save on quota even when using tethering, you can do the following tips.

1. Activate the Power Save Feature on the Cellphone

In order to save internet quota, you can activate the power save feature on your cellphone. In this feature, you can manage the internet data used.

For example 5 or 10GB. Or you can also set it at a certain time. How to enter the menu ‘settings’ select ‘tethering and portable hotspot’. Then look for the ‘portable wifi hotspot settings’ menu, and change ‘power save’ to units of time. Set then click ok.

2. Limiting Data Capacity Used

You can also limit the data capacity used. This setting will automatically disconnect the internet if it reaches the specified access limit.

You do this by going to the ‘settings’ menu on your cellphone, then selecting ‘data usage’, then activating ‘set mobile data limit’. Set and change the number limit as you need.

3. Be Smart in Browsing

The amount of quota spent when tethering depends on the website or content that you open. Avoid streaming videos like YouTube and streaming music on Soundcloud.

If you frequently open several websites, choose a website that does have light pages and doesn’t have a lot of image and flash content, because it will usually drain your quota.

4. Disabling Cloud in Google Drive or Dropbox

Cloud is a technology that allows users to access their data via a computer using internet access.

Because could takes up quite a lot of quota, especially if the data has a large enough size. Therefore, temporarily turn off the cloud either using Dropbox or Google Drive.

5. Turn off Windows Update on the Laptop

Usually Windows 10 will automatically update when connected to the internet. This of course will drain more internet quota. To avoid that, it’s best to temporarily turn off updates or pause them.

The trick is to open the ‘start’ menu, then type ‘control panel’ in the search field. Then select ‘system and security’ which is at the very top, then scroll down and select ‘administravite tools’ and click ‘services’.

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