Info on Blackpink Concert in Jakarta 2023, Here’s How to Buy Tickets –

Info on Blackpink Concert in Jakarta 2023, Here’s How to Buy Tickets –
– #Info #Blackpink #Concert #Jakarta #Heres #Buy #Tickets – The Blackpink concert in Jakarta is coming to you soon. For you Blackpink fans, of course you really want to watch this Blackpink Concert in Jakarta.

A concert that has indeed been held in every country to be able to see your favorite group. This time there is an opportunity for Blackpink concerts in Jakarta for you Blackpink fans.

To watch it, you must immediately register for the pre-sale or when tickets are sold later. Save the date so you don’t miss any info about purchasing tickets for the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta.

Get to know the Blackpink Kpop Girlband Before the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta

The Blackpink concert in Jakarta will soon be held for those of you who really like this Blackpink group. For those of you who want to watch the concert, you have to know who Blackpink is.

Blackpink is a girl group from South Korea which is currently on the rise in various countries. In fact, there are so many fans who really like this great Blackpink group.

This band called Blackpink consists of four women, not all of whom are from Korea. There are even some members who come from Thailand and were born in Auckland, New Zealand.

The members of Blackpink which consist of four people are named, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. They are members of many Blackpink people so they really like this Blackpink Kpop group.

For those of you who are just getting to know Blackpink and want to join as fans of the Blackpink group. You have to know the term that is usually used for someone who loves the Kpop group Blackpink.

The name for people who really like this Kpop group has the nickname Blink. Blink was formed shortly after Blackpink officially debuted as this kpop group and is growing in number.

As someone who has known Kpop for a long time, of course you will also understand the ins and outs of this group. You even have to admit that this Blackpink group is very famous everywhere.

Blackpink members, who have always had many different birth styles, make them more unique. So that almost all of the group members can use English.

With their ability to speak English, this is also what makes Blackpink very close to Blink. Not only Blink in South Korea but from Blink International.

The presence of Blackpink in the world of K-pop is also very warmly welcomed by many K-pop lovers with their interesting songs. Therefore, you must also know Blackpink well.

Information about Blackpink concerts in Jakarta

Information about Blackpink concerts in Jakarta

As someone who likes Blackpink or commonly called Blink, you know every concert. Currently Blackpink will hold a Blackpink Concert in Jakarta.

With the aim of greeting Blink who is in Indonesia and Jakarta, so they can meet their fans. And Blink was finally able to meet his proud artist, Blackpink.

This time Blackpink’s presence in Jakarta was greeted with enthusiasm by Blinks who had been waiting a long time. His arrival could be one of Blink’s happiest things.

For that you have to find out various information about the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta. Where this concert will be held from March 11 to March 12 in 2023, namely next year.

Although the plan for the concert to be held is still relatively long, namely next year. However, Blink Indonesia’s enthusiasm is enormous, the artist’s dream is to have a concert in Jakarta next year.

The Blackpink concert in Jakarta, which will be held for two days, has different concert hours. For concert hours on March 11, it will be held at 19.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, the concert which coincides with March 12 2023 will be held at 18.20 WIB. You have to record this implementation so you don’t get the wrong schedule when you want to watch it.

When you are going to attend the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta, make sure you are there before the event starts. Because before entering the stadium you have to queue again.

During the queue period you will usually be given a number and a bracelet for the concert. In fact, you will usually be given a piece of paper that says Blackpink for the concert.

Usually there are several concerts that will give you some Blackpink-themed merchandise. And when you want to watch, make sure you also have a Blackpink lightstick.

That way during a concert you will turn on your Blackpink lightstick which has a Pink color. And it has a shape like a hammer where during concerts you can lift the lightstick.

Two Periods for Purchasing Blackpink Concert Tickets in Jakarta

Two Periods for Purchasing Blackpink Concert Tickets in Jakarta

Before you take part in this concert held by blackpink, you must know the type of order. In ordering tickets for the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta, there are two periods.

We can also call this period a period that is held like a presale that you can follow. The dates for these two presale periods are coming up so don’t miss it.

On the first day of the presale, it will open on November 14, 2022 next month. And the second opportunity will open the next day, November 15, 2022.

Actually, for this presale stage, there are differences that you should know before buying it. Where when you want to take part in the presale on November 14, 2022, it’s a little different.

To order the presale Blackpink Concert in Jakarta, you must be a Blink who has joined the membership. You can join a Blink membership on the Weverse Shop that you can search for.

By making you a member who has joined, then you can take part in the presale. When you have joined you must also register as a fan club for presale.

However, to be able to register this November, you must register first. This registration will be open on October 29 this month until October 30.

So that in November you won’t be fighting over when you want to take part in the presale for the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta. The code will be sent to you after registering.

For purchases that will be held on November 14, you can buy it right away, no need to register. Because on November 14th it is a purchase for the public.

Where later you will be scrambling to buy tickets with other Blinks at the same time. You have to make a purchase first so you can get tickets for the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta.

Before the specified date, make sure you set an alarm so you won’t miss it when ordering tickets.

How to Buy Blackpink Concert Tickets

How to Buy Blackpink Concert Tickets

Next, you have to know how to buy tickets for the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta properly. So that on the day of ordering you won’t panic because you don’t understand how.

The way to buy this ticket is very easy, you only need a few steps before doing it. For that hamu must be prepared in advance before ordering concert tickets.

So that you can also get tickets immediately after opening the website and you won’t run out. Because you’re not the only one who will buy blackpink concert tickets.

There are so many Blinks out there who really want to watch Blackpink’s concert well. Because Blackpink hasn’t held a concert for a long time, so many people want to watch the concert.

For this, here’s how you buy concert tickets so you don’t miss it. Make sure you read it in detail so there are no mistakes.

  1. Register yourself as a member at Weverse Shop as Blink Membership
  2. If you have registered, you can immediately choose one of the options
  3. There are 2 types, namely Early Bird and Blink Membership
  4. When you have registered, you can immediately enter to register for the Presale Fan Club
  5. Then after you register for the presale fan club you will be sent a code
  6. Make sure that you keep opening the email for the referral code from
  7. On the specified date to purchase a ticket you must enter the code
  8. Payment will be made on the website on a predetermined date in November

Here are the various steps you can take when you want to register for presale later. Do not until you do not read the complete information.

Because the stages are not exactly the same as buying other concert tickets where there is a registration. Registration is held before participating in the presale so that it is fair when buying tickets.

Those of you who have registered in advance in October for November purchases will be prioritized.

The final word

Thus Blink various information about the Blackpink Concert in Jakarta which will soon be held. For those of you who really like this article, you can also read other interesting titles!



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