Iran National Anthem Controversy And Issue At The FIFA World Cup 2022 Explained

Iran National Anthem Controversy And Issue At The FIFA World Cup 2022 Explained
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Find out the different and strong reactions towards Iran national anthem at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the issue with singing it

Iranian fans showed up in large numbers on Friday during their team’s match against Wales at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to show support for the situation there.

Iran’s political unrest also had an impact on Iran’s second World Cup match in 2022 because pro-government supporters on Friday intimidated anti-government supporters outside the stadium in Qatar.

Iran National Anthem Controversy And Issue At The FIFA World Cup 2022

As the players sung the national anthem prior to Friday’s match versus Wales at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Iranian supporters booed and whistled (a gesture of discontent). In contrast, at the opening match against England, players, staff members, and fans refused to sing the national anthem in a show of protest against the events taking place at home in Iran.

This abrupt change of heart is the result of news that the Iranian team would face criticism if they continued their quiet protest in the remaining World Cup games. Mehdi Chamran, the head of Tehran’s city council, stated on Tuesday:

“We will never allow anyone to insult our anthem and flag. Iranian civilisation has a history of several thousand years, this civilisation is as old as the total of European and American civilisations.”

In light of this, why did the players first object and protest?

The action served as an extended display of solidarity with the Iranian protests that have erupted since a 22-year-old woman was slain by the “moral police” while being held captive in September. After being imprisoned for improperly donning the hijab, the victim, Mahsa Amini, was jailed in Tehran in September. Amini’s death, which occurred three days after her detention and led to sizable demonstrations, was discovered.

The players’ nonverbal protest supported the ongoing uprisings against the government that are taking place at home. It appears, nevertheless, that the players are now required to sing along and remain silent throughout the playing of the national anthem. Dissent was prohibited, even among the stadium’s supporters. An Iranian football jersey with the words “Mahsa Amini 22” on the back was seen being held by one supporter, who was confronted by Qatari authorities.



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