Jackass star on ventilator with pneumonia and COVID-19

Jackass star on ventilator with pneumonia and COVID-19
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Former professional skateboarder and Jackass star Bam Margera is in hospital battling pneumonia, complicated by a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

TMZ reports after he was admitted to hospital in San Diego earlier this week, doctors put him on a ventilator following his COVID result.

“He’s being treated in ICU, but his condition is stable,” the news outlet reports.

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Bam Margera in Los Angeles earlier this week. (Getty)
Margera was put on a ventilator after contracting pneuomonia. (Getty)

Margera has been in and out of rehab after a court-order forced him there, even escaping the facility two times in June.

He left the LifeSkills residential facility in Florida on both June 13 and 25, according to TMZ, with the earlier incident spurred by Margera being “unhappy” with their services before leaving the premises without any authorisation from staff or the court, it reported

He told the manager he was going to check himself into a different rehab centre nearby before disappearing.

TMZ reports he was ”staying at the sober living facility after recently getting into an argument with his wife”.

To install Bam Margera.  (AP)
Bam Margera escaped rehab twice in one month in June this year. (AAP)

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He had originally went into rehab after he allegedly “attacked a woman and tore her breast implant” while intoxicated on cocaine in September 2021.

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