Jaipur Watch Company Shark Tank India owner, revenue, funding, net worth

Jaipur Watch Company Shark Tank India owner, revenue, funding, net worth
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Jaipur Watch Company, a wristwatch brand, was recently featured on Shark Tank India, find out more about the company, its founder, its products, and much more

A unique Indian program centered on investment and business strategy is called Shark Tank India. It provides a tremendous amount of entrepreneurship-related knowledge.

It has become so popular among Indian youth because, although most Indian homes don’t talk much about startups and other financial jargon, India is now experiencing a surge in entrepreneurship, and Shark Tank India is doing its best to popularize startups there.

While many kinds of startups are presented every day on the show, one startup that recently piqued everyone’s interest is Jaipur Watch Company It happened because the pitcher asserts its product is used by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Jaipur Luxury Watch Company Shark Tank India owner, revenue, funding, net worth

He also asked for Rs. 50 lacs in exchange for 2% equity to place at Rs.25 crore valuation on the company.

They added that while the success of this excellent attempt will boost India’s reputation and international acclaim, with the introduction of sophisticated smart watches and their distribution, which have grown commercially, they should establish their own stores to advertise the fact that they are designers.

Due to this, he failed to secure the deal. However, since then, many people have been trying to find out more about the Jaipur Watch Company. So, let’s find out everything about it.

More about Jaipur Watch Company

This one-of-a-kind method of passing along the historical legacy to future generations is still in use today. The Jaipur Watch Company is India’s first custom watch company, and it firmly supports the “Make in India” concept.

It does it in a spectacular way by showcasing the Indian heritage through its goods as well as the country’s history as it unfolds.

Founded in 2013, the Indian company Jaipur Watch Company (JWC) produces high-end wristwatches. It is renowned for producing watches with Indian themes that use pre-British era currency, postal stamps, Pichhwai artwork, feathers, and precious stones.

Their plant is situated in Peenya, Bengaluru. It is the first luxury watch company in India to provide personalized watches with photographs. The company is worth $25 crore.

Who is the business founder?

Gaurav Mehta, the business’s current CEO, established Jaipur Watch Company in 2013 with Rs.30 lakhs. Before JWC, he had an insurance brokerage business that he launched in 2005. In 2005, he earned his MA in risk management from the business school at Nottingham University.

Old coins and stamps were among Gaurav Mehta’s favorite hobbies. He once had the bright notion to use his father’s toolbox and his old collection to create a custom watch. His enthusiasm and search propelled him further on his path, and he eventually expanded into the Heritage Unique Collections of the Jaipur Watch Company.

Jaipur Watch Company’s operating revenues range is Under INR 1 cr for the financial year ending on 31 March, 2020 and its EBITDA had increased by 74.59 %.

Products of the Jaipur Watch Company

  • Coin watches
  • Bespoke watches
  • Hand-engraved watches
  • 3D-printed watches
  • Watches studded with feathers and precious stones


  • Imperial Wrist Wear Collection
  • Imperial Wristwear
  • King’s Wristwear
  • Imperial Wristwear II
  • Titanium Wristwear
  • A series of Pichhwai Watches
  • A series of gold watches
  • Obama Watch

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