JOOX Music Karaoke and Streaming songs Online or Offline –

JOOX Music Karaoke and Streaming songs Online or Offline –
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There are more than 40 million songs added by developers to an application called JOOX Music. You can make it one of the easy instant entertainment media and of course it’s free.

Moreover, having an application will not make it difficult for you in any way. In fact, you can maximize its use with the support of various excellent features in it.

JOOX Music, is the best alternative that you can make as a benchmark for downloading entertainment applications. Enjoy all the latest music with the complete toolbar in this application.

What is JOOX Music 2023?

JOOX Music, is the newest application that provides a lot of music with various genres. You can easily download this application to your Android device.

You can determine the type of music you want to hear directly from the application. Where there are many works of music originating from domestic and foreign musicians.

Of course you can use it for free and it will definitely be a lot of fun. Not only instant music, you can also listen to the radio broadcasts and podcasts you want.

Especially if you are interested in downloading this one application onto an Android device. So, you can easily listen to the latest music offline and don’t waste your internet quota.

There are many things that you can find when using this application on your device. Like memorizing the lyrics of the songs being played, karaoke, streaming music videos, sharing videos, recording, and more.

This application also allows you to:

  1. Play music playlists easily and for free for many types of the latest songs complete with lyrics.
  2. You can also listen to a large selection of music ranging from works by domestic and international musicians.
  3. Users can do many activities at once in this application such as play, download, listen to podcasts, radio, watch, view lyrics, and karaoke in the application.
  4. Users can also listen to music while doing various activities outside the home, even when you are traveling.
  5. Selection of all song genres can also be done very easily and of course this is free for anyone to enjoy.
  6. This application also allows you to access every song you like to make it the best collection.
  7. In fact, every user of this application can watch broadcasts of live music concerts together with the people closest to them.
  8. Users can enjoy all the complete packages in this application including by updating the music in the application.

In addition, there are many more advantages of the application that you may not know directly. For example, there are many of the following best music streams:

  • R&B,
  • Hip Hop,
  • Kpop,
  • Jazz,
  • Pop,
  • EDM,
  • Dance,
  • dangdut,
  • And many more.

Not only that, this application, which has headquarters in several Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, is interesting. Where you can translate several languages ​​such as:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Indonesia
  • Malay
  • Burma
  • Thai

This clearly makes the application one of the most demanded by the latest music fans. For that, there’s nothing wrong if you try to download the application to the device.

Many Featured Features In JOOX Music Apk

Of course, every application that is launched is equipped with various excellent features. Likewise with the latest JOOX Music application which has interesting and complete features.

You can enjoy all the features in this application easily and of course it’s free. Like some of the excellent features in the following applications:

Music library

This application provides a music library that contains more than 40 million songs in the world that can be listened to for free.


The application also allows you to listen to music as if you were hanging out with other live friends.

BUZZ Video

Application users can easily enjoy lots of the latest videos, where you won’t feel bored when using this application.


This application also allows you to access more than 50 popular video channels that you can listen to right away.


You can also easily create playlists of songs in the style you want and include lots of songs in them.


Users can listen to any music with lyrics added to every song playback you want.

Share music

You can also easily share your favorite music with other users or to play it on social media such as FB, WA and IG.

Broadcast live

This application also allows you to listen to broadcast music with interviews of popular artists.

music videos

Not only can you play and listen to songs, you can also play videos in this application easily.

Streaming music

You can also stream music easily using this application on Android. Thus, you can play the selected song through the application.

Download song

You can also download and play songs to the fullest in this application so you can hear them without wasting your internet quota.

Quality audio

This application also has music audio quality with a maximum Hi-Fi system that you can listen to clearly and easily.

No ads

When using this application on an Android device that you have, you will not be disturbed by advertisements at all.

Of all the excellent features in this JOOX application, it’s no wonder that many people like this one application. This is also inseparable from the various ease of use of the application.

You can make this application, which has the slogan **Live Your Music**, an instant entertainment medium. Where there are lots of interesting and exciting things that can be enjoyed when you download it.

You can also have this application through various download links that can be found on the internet. Including the download link in our article this time for you to enjoy easily.

Link to Download the Latest Joox Music Application

As we explained earlier, we have provided a download link for the JOOX Music application. Where you can use it to download and enjoy music in it.

App name JOOX Music
Application updates 2023
Application version V 7.11.0 Apk
OS minimum Android 5.0 or higher
In-app purchases US$1,49 – US$74,99 per item
App download ratings 100.000.000+
Official app developer Tencent Mobility Limited
Application user specifications All age
Application download links “Here

To install this application, please follow the installation instructions below:

  • First First click the download icon on the top table.
  • Save the downloaded file in memory.
  • Enter to setting menu Android.
  • Click activate in settings security and privacy.
  • After that, you activate it too permission from unknown sources.
  • If you have, then you can back in the folder storage.
  • Go to the folder and install directly the application into the device.
  • Complete the install process up to 100% complete.
  • Then open and run the application.
  • Install complete and enjoy.

The JOOX Music application must be installed using a stable and strong internet network. So that the process can run smoothly and the application can be used according to its function.

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