Justin Roiland sister Amy Roiland TikTok drama and controversy explained

Justin Roiland sister Amy Roiland TikTok drama and controversy explained
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Amy Roiland, sister of Justin Roiland is the talk of the hour now and she is trending for her controversy and drama over free studio exchange and people have a differing view on it

Justin Roiland, the voice actor and co-creator of the animated comedy show Rick and Morty, is being charged with domestic violence for an incident that happened in 2020. While he is waiting to be tried for the crimes he is accused of, his sister, Amy Roiland, has ties to a major scandal that got a lot of attention in the media.

The social media influencer Amy Roiland is a rising fashionista who caused a stir last year when she asked for free studio time in exchange for more exposure on social media. Here are all the facts.

Justin Roiland sister Amy Roiland TikTok drama and controversy scandal explained

Amy Roiland, a former actress, was at the centre of a big scandal, especially on Tiktok, where she was said to have asked for a free photoshoot.

Sarah “Smac” McCreanor, the owner of a studio in LA, posted a voice note from an unnamed influencer as a video on Tiktok. This led to a report that she was rude to studios. In the video, an influencer asked if she could take pictures with her daughter for 20 minutes in their studio.

When the owner said no, the influencer sent them a scathing note about how bad they were for saying no.

What did Amy Roiland say about the studio owner?

“For free? When I charge a lot of money for postings, and we get like twelve million hits on our TikTok, and we do really well, actually, with video here, and that’s disappointing? … That’s crazy.”

“Who runs this account? Are you ninety years old and not know how influencers work? That’s hilarious. You guys are really out of touch, it’s crazy.”

It caused a lot of trouble because many people thought that the spam emails and messages sent to the studio owner by the fashion influencer were from the fashion influencer.

This is still done by a lot of influencers, who try to get free services in exchange for their followers or high reach instead of booking them as clients and paying them. Even though the public figure has never really answered those claims, her brother is also having problems.

Amy Roiland’s brother Justin is being accused of abusing his wife

In Orange County, California, Justin Roiland, who helped make the TV show Rick and Morty, is being accused of abusing his wife. When the charges were first brought against him in May 2020, he pleaded not guilty. On Thursday, he went to court for a pre-trial hearing.

Documents show that he is accused of one felony count of domestic battery with bodily injury and one felony count of false imprisonment by threat, violence, fraud, or deceit. “Jane Doe,” one of the accusers in the case, said that the incident happened around January 19, 2020, and that she was dating the voice actor at the time.

Since he pleaded not guilty to both charges at the time, there have been more than a dozen court hearings, including pre-trial hearings. If the actor is found to be guilty, he will spend seven years in prison.

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