Know Natural Make Up Tutorials for Beginners –

Know Natural Make Up Tutorials for Beginners –
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Interested in makeup or makeup but don’t know where to start? Check out the admin discussion below about Know Natural Make Up Tutorials For Beginners.

Natural makeup is another way of choosing for those of you who want to look elegant without looking too heavy. Selection of makeup using soft colors that blend using skin color will make you more elegant and fresh.

The natural concept is increasingly in demand by women, as evidenced by the many natural makeup tutorials for beginners that you can find on the internet.

The primary key to natural makeup is a natural impression on the face so that the product chosen should not be arbitrary.

Apart from the color aspect, you also have to consider the formula of the makeup itself. So that the natural impression is a little clearer, choose makeup using a light formula that suits your skin.

Then, how do you create the look as natural as possible? You can review the tutorial from this admin below about Knowing Natural Make Up Tutorials for Beginners.

Create a Natural Look using Facial Cleansing

Before applying makeup, try to clean your face using a milk cleanser so that dirt, dust, sebum, and skin cells can be removed.

For maximum results, use facial foam to remove dirt residue on the face. After that, apply a toner to restore facial skin fitness.

Apply Moisturizer To Hydrate Skin

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The next natural makeup tutorial is to use a moisturizer so that the natural oil on the face can disappear and the skin is always hydrated.

The use of moisturizer can help stimulate the natural oils on the face so that your skin remains supple and not dry.

Even so, using too much moisturizer can also cause excess sebum. So, make sure you apply it according to your needs, OK!

Use Foundation to Disguise Stains on the Face

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Foundation can help disguise acne scars, dark spots, and lines on the face so that the skin is a little smoother.

In addition, the foundation also functions to even out skin tone. Choosing a foundation for natural makeup shouldn’t be arbitrary either!

So that your makeup can be more natural and fresh, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.

If you want a more perfect look for attending certain programs, you can put concealer after applying foundation. That way, panda eyes and blemishes on the face can be disguised.

Use Powder So The Results Are More Perfect

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To make your makeup more primed and set, apply powder after using foundation. For oily skin models that are prone to pimples and blackheads, you can use loose powder or translucent powder.

Both can control oil so that the face is shine-free all day long. Meanwhile, for dry skin, choose a powder that is not too matte and can moisturize the skin.

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