Latest Free Video Call APK for Online Meetings and Chatting –

Latest Free Video Call APK for Online Meetings and Chatting –
– #Latest #Free #Video #Call #APK #Online #Meetings #Chatting – If you are looking for Free Video Call APK for VCS, Chat and online meeting we have the best recommendation for you. Since yesterday’s Covid pandemic, the video call application has become an application that has experienced quite a drastic increase.

Because we are obliged to remain at home during the pandemic, all work and other activities are carried out online. For this reason, many use video call apk as a connecting tool to interact with each other.

Because we can talk and meet face to face through the network while staying at home. Whether it’s the need for online meetings and schools. In addition, video calls are also a cool means of long-distance communication to chat with friends.

There are even several social media applications that feature video calls as a tool for chatting with new people. So, here we will provide recommendations for free video call applications that you can use for various needs.

Free Video Call APK for Online Meeting and Chatting

1. Cutel – Video Chat & Call, Meet


Cutel is an apk that brings free video calls in a new and innovative way and style. This application allows you to share interesting things with friends anytime and anywhere,

Even if you stay at home all day, you will never feel lonely again because you will always have someone to talk to. Find new friends around you. Just swipe right to start chatting, or swipe left to skip.

Through video chat, you will connect with the other person through a fun face-to-face video call. Additionally, there is a three-step validation process for profiles. So you won’t find real friends, not fake accounts.

2. StarLeaf: Chat, Meet and Call


StarLeaf is a messaging, meeting and calling platform which is an alternative to the mainstream free video calling apk. The app has complex collaboration tools, which make it easy to unite users on any device.

You can collaborate from home or office with live chat either personally or via group chat. During a video or voice call, you can share your cellphone screen for presentation purposes or just want to share.

Simply select a contact to make a voice or video call, or to add people to your chat.

3. Comera – Video Calls & Chat

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Comera is a free chat apk that allows you to chat via private chat, voice calls, and video calls.

You can meet face to face with friends, family or co-workers online via a cellular data connection or Wi-Fi. This application also allows you to connect via group chats and can also share photos, videos, documents, locations, and much more.

The advantage of Comera is that there are no restrictions on sending messages and calls, including audio and video calls, made internationally. Even though the application is available for free, you will experience a smooth communication experience without the need to be bothered with advertisements that appear.

4. JioChat – HD Video Call


If you need a video call apk with free HD quality, then JoiChat is the right choice.

JioChat is a live chat and video call application available for Android and iPhone. With this application, you can make video calls for free with family and friends over the network.

In addition, there is also a video conferencing feature which is very useful for online meeting needs with superiors and colleagues. There are also voice calling and instant messaging features with the addition of stickers and emoticons that are quite interesting.

You can register on JioChat using a cellular network or Wi-Fi to chat, call, and watch videos. Apart from that, there are also official channels from well-known brands on JoiChat that you can follow to get the latest news.

5. Loofo – Video Chat & Dating App


So, for those of you who are looking for a free application to find online dates via video calls, then we will recommend Loofo APK. With Loofo you won’t feel lonely anymore. You can meet new friends around the world just by staying at home.

Loofo is a live video call application and online dating application that you can use to find your friends or soul mate. You will meet new people through random video calls around you or around the world.

There are live room houses, video parties, and audio party rooms for you to watch, join, interact with, and play games with friends. Enjoy entertainment and fun on the Loofo app like you are in the real world with real-time interactions.

Come on, find out:


Now, wherever you are, you can interact with friends, family, co-workers, and even new people from all over the world. Enough with video calls, you can meet face to face and share fun, interesting things to talk about.

Please download the free video call apk that we have explained above, and start a more fun life while you are at home.



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