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Latto Latto Mod Apk will definitely satisfy your curiosity about one of the games that is currently going viral. Because the Lato Lato game has recently become quite viral among Indonesian people.

This game is also known as Clackers Ball and is played again by many people, especially children. But this game is even liked by adults.

Actually, this game is an old game in ancient times that had gone viral a decade earlier. But finally this game went viral again and was called Latto Latto. Even though in the past not many people knew what the name of this game was and how to play it properly.

One of the reasons why this game is not only loved by children today but also adults like to play it is because this game was a game that went viral in the past.

So that it can evoke memories and memories for today’s adult generation during their childhood. It’s just that after going viral again there are some differences from this game in the past and the present.

If in the past this game was a traditional game that was only played using the tools. But now, along with technological developments, there is also an application that you can use to play this Latto Latto game.

What are Latto Latto Games?

The Latto Latto game is also known as a game called Tek Tek and is a traditional game that is now viral again. This game is a game for children with two plastic balls or also called a pendulum.

Then these two balls are tied to a rope which is then given a ring at the top. When you play the two balls by moving them. Then the two balls will collide with each other and produce a sound or clacking sound.

This game itself has actually been around since the 90s and then reappeared in the early 2000s. The name of this game comes from the word Bugis Makassar which means the sound of a crash.

The fact is again, this game is also not from Indonesia, you know. Because the original name of this game is Clackers Ball which was first popular in the 60s. To play it is fairly easy.

But unfortunately after going viral and being played in many countries, in 1985 this game was banned by the Egyptian Police followed by other countries which also banned the existence of this game.

Because it is considered quite dangerous because it has a risk of impact that can affect parts of the body such as hands and even the face. Moreover, the material used to make the ball or pendulum is quite hard. Because it is on purpose to be able to produce a loud tek sound.

In addition, the pendulum can also be thrown in another direction which can destroy objects around us. So this game is considered quite dangerous for children.

Meanwhile in Indonesia itself, this game first appeared in Sulawesi and is considered as one of the game legacies which eventually became famous throughout Indonesia.

Even though it has been around for a long time, this game proves its existence which is not easily eroded by time. So it’s only natural that now this game is back viral.

Download Game Latto Latto Mod Apk Viral TikTok 2023

Latto Latto Mod Apk Kuri007com

Latto Latto is a classic game that is currently going viral and is being played by many people. Not only children, this game is also popular among adults because this game itself is actually a traditional game that used to go viral.

So that many adults end up playing this game because they are reminded of their past and want to reminisce about their childhood games which they used to really like.

Interestingly, this game is now viral again and even back to life in today’s all-tech era. In the past, Latto Latto might only be played traditionally using the tools. But now you can even play this game more easily.

The trick is to use an application that you can download and install on an Android device. So you can play this game more safely, considering that this game is declared to have quite a dangerous risk for children.

But unfortunately this game is still not available on the Google Play Store. So if you want to use this game, then you have to download it on a third-party site.

But you don’t need to bother looking for the download link because I have provided it below.

Game Specifications

Nama Game Lact Lact
Version Latest V.0.1
File Size 22 MB
Developer Play Castle
OS Android 5.0+
Link Download <>

One of the advantages of this game is that it is relatively light in size so it is more stable when played even for low specification Android devices.

How to Play the Latto Latto Game

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Actually, how to play this game is very easy, both in the traditional game and in the application version. Because basically you just have to produce a tek tek sound.

But even so, you still have to use the right strategy to be able to play this game. Because even though it looks simple, if you don’t know how to play it, you will definitely find it difficult.

And here are some ways you can play the traditional Lotto Lotto game:

  • First, you have to tie the latto latto one by one using the thread that you prepared beforehand. Use nylon thread, so the ropes you tie are stronger.
  • Next you have to adjust the length of the rope or thread so that one with the other has the same length. Next, just tie it to the handle that you bought in a package with the game tools.
  • Now, if you have followed all the directions above, you can immediately play this tool until the two balls or pendulums collide or collide with each other.
  • When the two balls or pendulums collide with each other, a tek tek sound will be heard. This is what makes the game also called tek tek in some areas because it produces a tek tek sound when played.
  • This game will be more exciting if you play it together with friends. Because it can produce a louder sound. What’s more, actually every Lotto Lotto has a different sound from one another. So that it can cause diversity when played together.


To play the Lotto Lotto Mod Apk game itself is not much different from the original game. So make sure you won’t have any trouble playing this game.

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