Leander Paes Moves Court To Stop Paying Rs 1 Lakh To Ex-Girlfriend Rhea Pillai As Maintenance

Leander Paes Moves Court To Stop Paying Rs 1 Lakh To Ex-Girlfriend Rhea Pillai As Maintenance
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Check out Leander Paes petition to the court asking to stop the Rs 1 lakh in maintenance for his ex-partner Rhea Pillai.

Leander Paes, a tennis star from India, recently filed an appeal with the Mumbai Sessions Court in response to a metropolitan magistrate court’s order from February, which required Paes to give his former partner Rhea Pillai Rs. 1 lakh in maintenance each month and Rs. 50,000 in rent if she left their shared home. The Tennis Legend had also been mentioned by the Court as having “caused various acts of domestic violence” to Pillai.

Leander Paes Moves Court To Stop Paying Rs 1 Lakh To Ex-Girlfriend Rhea Pillai In Maintenance

The February order has now been abolished and set aside, but Paes has now filed a petition with the court seeking a stay of execution while his appeal is being heard. It’s expected that the plea will be heard the following week. Paes stated in his appeal that his relationship with Pillai was not in the “nature of marriage” and that he had maintained good relations with her even though their relationship had ended for the sake of their child born in 2016. He stated that his father’s health was one of many factors contributing to the delay in filing the appeal.

The beginning of this case may be drawn back to 2014, when Pillai filed a court petition under the Domestic Violence Act, saying that Paes had assaulted her at home. She added that they began dating in 2003 and moved in together for the winter of 2005–2006. Paes has now claimed in his appeal that his apartment is mortgaged and that he is unable to meet Pillai’s financial demands.

Pillai “splurged on herself” even though she claimed to be taking care of his daughter’s financial commitments. The actor Sanjay Dutt gave actor Pillai two flats as part of their divorce settlement, but despite that, she continued to remain in their shared home, placing further financial strain on him, according to his appeal.

Paes asserted before the magistrate court that because Pillai was already married to Dutt when they first started dating and living together and only obtained her divorce from her first marriage in 2008, her claim was not maintainable under the Act. He said that when they first started dating, he wasn’t aware of Pillai’s marital status, which the court found hard to believe. Additionally, the court ruled that although Pillai was still legally wed when she started living with Paes, the fact that “existence of relationship beyond marriage is undeniable.”



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