Lesile Tebogo Is Regarded As The New ‘Usain Bolt’ – Kuri007 Detail Explored

Lesile Tebogo Is Regarded As The New ‘Usain Bolt’ – Kuri007
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CALI – A 19-year-old athlete, Lesile Tebogo has been eyed by the world after he was named as the replacement for Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt after winning gold in the 100 meters (M) at the World Youth Athletics Championships. in Cali, Colombia yesterday.

This runner from Kanye, Botswana made a surprise by breaking the world record in 100m with a record of 9.91s in this competition.

However, Tebogo’s celebration when he watched his rival Bouwahgjie Nkrumie from Jamaica in the final distance of 20 meters recalled the success of Usain Bolt in this event.

“If people see that as a bad act, I’m sorry.

“I just see the fans and everyone at home who enjoyed this race and I remind them of what Usain Bolt did before.

“Usain Bolt is my idol and one of the people I respect and a guide for me,” said Tebogo.

In the 200m qualifiers yesterday morning, Tebogo made another splash after entering the semi-finals in style when he broke the title record with a speed of 19.99s to finish second. – AGENCIES


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