List of Whatsapp Sapping Applications Only With Simple WA Numbers –

List of Whatsapp Sapping Applications Only With Simple WA Numbers –
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Here is the WhatsApp tapping application with just the WA number, simple and unnoticed, see partner’s chat details if needed,

In this article, complete How to Tap WhatsApp using a phone number that can be less risky.

For those of you who also use the WhatsApp application as a messaging application, of course, sometimes you have curiosity about your partner.

Besides, you never know the contents of Whatsapp messages will definitely make you more suspicious, and one way to find out is by tapping them.

Here are 4 applications that you can use to tap your partner’s WhatsApp, including how to tap WhatsApp via a simple WA number.

1. Mobile client For WhatsApp

This method of tapping WhatsApp is the easiest way to tap WhatsApp, the system works as simply as using WhastApp Web.

You just have to download this application on the Playstore after you open it.

You will then see a barcode just like when you open WhatsApp Web.

All you have to do is scan the barcode on the victim’s phone so you can tap on it successfully.

2. Whatsapp Sniffer

This application is probably the most powerful WhatsApp tapping application today.

Judging from its name, sniffing is a Hacking man in the Middle (MiTM) technique, and is proven to be effective.

Uniquely, you don’t need the target’s phone to be tapped, and ordinary people can use it.

However, you cannot specify a target and press the target will be randomly selected.

3. Whatsdog

This application is quite unique, article if the target is hacked with this application you can send a fake message with the name of the target.

However, unfortunately this application is very vulnerable to being detected by WhatsApp, another drawback is that you also need to verify the target number once.

And also you can be terminated by logging out of all devices through the victim’s whatsapp.

4. Get Contact

The Get Contact application has recently become the talk of Android or iPhone smartphone users.

This is because this application can find out someone’s tag name in their cellphone contacts and also WhatsApp.

Not only that, the Get Contact application can also offer protection if you receive a call from an unknown number.

How To Use Get Contacts App

Here’s how to use the Get Contact application on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

  • Download the Get Contacts app on the Play Store or Apple Store
  • Click and open the Get Contacts app
  • Accept get contact access permission to your phone contacts
  • Verify number via WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Later, you will get a link notification from the Get Contact account on WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • Click on the given link You already have an account Get Contacts.

How to use Get Contacts to find out the tag of a WhatsApp number

  • Copy or copy the number you are looking for in Get Contacts.
  • Go to Get Contacts and enter or paste into the Lookup number.
  • Then the name or number tag will appear with a note that the number has used WhatsApp.
  • Click ‘more tags’ for information about the tag number.

How to use Get Contacts for Spam protection

  • Open the app, then click More
  • Click Settings and open Spam Settings
  • Next, you will see two options, namely ‘Show warnings for spam and fraud calls’ if you want to enable alert notifications for numbers detected as spam.
  • If you want to block detected calls by clicking ‘block all spam calls’

5. Whats Web Plus

Next is the Whats Web Plus application, this application is the official service of WhatsApp.

However, this service has been modified in such a way that it can be used on smartphones and computers simultaneously.

Uniquely, this application is actually used for wiretapping. But because this app is official.

You can use it to tap safely

6. Via Google Maps

As quoted by from, tapping Whatsapp via Google Maps can be done with the “Location Sharing” feature.

With the location sharing feature, you can share your location in real time for a certain period of time.

So how do you use this feature?

  1. Open the Google Maps Application

The first thing you do is grab the phone of the person you want to tap or want to know their location.

Then open the Google Maps application on the cellphone.

After that, click on the logo/account photo at the top right and select Share Location or share location.

  1. Define Location Sharing Time

The next step in How to Tap Whatsapp via Google Maps or find out the location of your loved ones is to determine the length of time to share your location.

In the specified time, you can find out the location where the person you tapped is.

The maximum time to share your location is 8 hours.

  1. Send Link Via Whatsapp

After specifying the time, copy the URL in the ”Copy to Clipboard” field.

After that the Link will be copied.

Next, send the link to your Whatsapp through the phone you want to tap on.

  1. Now you know where your loved ones are

Now you can tap the location of your loved one from Whatsapp.

Now open your cellphone and open the link that you sent via the cellphone that you tapped. That’s how to tap Whatsapp through Google Maps easily.



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