‘Look at Amrita Fadnavis and Kangana, then speak on Urfi Javed’, Thackeray faction’s reply to BJP leader

‘Look at Amrita Fadnavis and Kangana, then speak on Urfi Javed’, Thackeray faction’s reply to BJP leader
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The leaders in Maharashtra have no work to do. There is no positive opposition left, nor is there any conscience left in the ruling party. When there is no work left, then the politics of statements only starts. Model and actress now in Maharashtra Urfi Javed the clothes and nudity BJP And Thackeray faction It has become a point of debate among Farmer suicides seem to have stopped. The issue of unemployment is over. Inflation has been controlled. The only problem left is that why does Urfi Javed wear such clothes?

Two days ago, Chitra Wagh, President of Maharashtra BJP’s Mahila Morcha, tweeted against Urfi Javed and said that how is this lady roaming around dancing naked in public places? Have Mumbai Police run out of IPC and CrPC sections? It was the people in the social media who told Chitra Wagh the answer very well that brother, it is your government, take action. What are you telling us?

Urfi himself gave the answer, what was the need for the Thackeray group to jump, sir?

Urfi Javed has so far given the answer to Chitra Wagh through her two-three social media posts that she is not an important issue for the leaders, and the issues are important. There are many rape cases pending. Women are being forced into prostitution. Why don’t you speak on many such issues? Even today (January 3, Tuesday), Urfi Javed raised this question to Chitra Wagh by tweeting, ‘Have you forgotten Sanjay Rathod? If I join BJP, Chitra Wagh will become my best friend. Remind that in the death of Tiktok star Pooja Chavan, the name of Sanjay Rathod, a minister in the Thackeray government, came up. Chitra Wagh had launched a campaign against Sanjay Rathod. Now he is also a minister in the Shinde government. Means Urfi Javed is constantly replying to Chitra Wagh. In such a situation, there was no need for the Thackeray faction to jump into the controversy.

Chitra Wagh is making non-issue an issue, saying that the Thackeray group itself is stirring up controversy

Surprisingly, Thackeray faction leader Sushma Andhare put a long Facebook post on this issue and made a statement in the media that BJP leader Chitra Wagh is making a non-issue an issue. Hey, so what are you doing? You have also done the same. You keep quiet But no, Sushma Andhare said that I like to wear saree. I find it comfortable. But I am no one to say what someone else should wear. Every person has a need according to their respective profession.

Further, the leader of the Thackeray faction said that who gave you the right to use language like Urfi Javed to beat up a woman from a minority community (Chitra Wagh had said that if Urfi Javed came forward, she would break him to pieces)? If this is all, then first object to the dress of Kangana Ranaut, Amruta Fadnavis (wife of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis) and Ketki Chitale (Marathi actress). Along with this, Sushma Andhare also said that when Baba Ramdev says in front of Amrita Fadnavis that women look good even without clothes, then why does no one say anything?

Responding to the Thackeray faction, Chitra Wagh came to the fore again

Even after this, if there was no statement from the BJP, then the attention would have shifted to the issues of the people. But alas, it did not happen. Chitra Wagh tweeted again. Responding to Sushma Andhare of the Thackeray faction, he said that it is not a religion to stop those who misuse freedom of expression without respecting it? Daughter-in-law and daughters are also in your house. Will you keep such an ideal in front of them?

Further, Chitra Wagh said that on the birth anniversary of Krantijyoti Savitri Bai Phule, girls should become educated, become capable, make them ideal and not for our girls to become such ideal girls, raise their voice for this. This is a social issue, don’t make it a political issue.

Made a non-issue an issue, even then the opposition could not remain united

That is, this issue has been heating up for the last three days and will continue to heat up for a few more days, it seems certain. But the surprising thing is that even if the issues are not solid, the opposition should be unanimous that at least the opposition should be seen as a right pressure group and the public should expect that if someone shows the right path to the opposition, then the opposition will do its job. Will be able to use this power. But this is not happening. The Thackeray group has divided into two groups over the issue of Urfi Javed’s clothes. If Sushma Andhare is standing in support of Urfi Javed, then Mumbai’s former Mayor Kishori Pednekar has given a statement against Urfi Javed.

Kishori Pednekar of the Thackeray faction has said that the number of clothes someone wears or does not wear, it reflects the rites of the family of the concerned woman. Whatever is happening is being done in the name of freedom of expression. Its definition can be different for everyone. But I do not find this kind of nudity appropriate in public places.

Regret to say, today Maharashtra is standing for these useless issues.

As long as the ruling party and the opposition do not get entangled with each other, then that issue reaches its place according to its status, but the problem comes to the fore when, instead of doing something positive in a democracy, the government just Ken-Prakeren remains trapped in the siege. After all, if the opposition also has a solution to the problems of the farmers, if it has a vision to remove inflation and unemployment, then it should bring concrete issues to the fore.

There was a time when Maharashtra used to take initiative to solve the problems of the country, now for three-four months only this thing is going on here – ‘He said this, then he said that.’ Our ideals have been insulted, you have not insulted us…’ Who will tell them that our ideals are not so weak that their image will be tarnished by someone’s saying or listening to something, brother go ahead, a lot of work has been done… but no Yes, there is a famine of ideas, plans, resolutions, possibilities and hopes. That is why Maharashtra is standing on the margins today.



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