‘Meridian 100’ Actor & Mexican Director Hector Bonilla Dies At 83

‘Meridian 100’ Actor & Mexican Director Hector Bonilla Dies At 83
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Mexican actor Hector Bonilla passed away at the age of 83. He was popularly known for his work in Red Dawn and Grumpy Christmas. According to his family, the actor took his last breath on Friday, November 25, 2022. Following the announcement, tributes and condolence messages flooded the internet as no one could believe the news. As everyone is coming forward and expressing their heartfelt tributes, the actor’s name has started to trend on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Here, in this article, check out what happened to Hector Bonilla and his cause of death.

Meridian 100 Actor & Mexican Director Hector Bonilla Dies

What Happened To Hector Bonilla?

Hector Bonilla’s son, Sergio Bonilla confirmed the actor’s saddening death. Apart from him, Fernando Bonilla, the youngest of his three children went on to release a statement on his respective account regarding his father’s demise. According to Fernando, the well-known actor was battling cancer for a total of four years. Despite getting the best medical care and treatment, he could not survive.

Fernando shared the video of a song by his father called “Testamento”. In the video, he highlighted the legacy that he would follow after his death. The statement read that they are aware that Hector left an immeasurable legacy and many hearts will mourn his departure. It was further added that they are sharing the epitaph that Hector wrote for himself several years ago. Ever since the announcement of the disheartening piece of news appeared online, tributary posts and RIP messages flooded social media platforms.

Who Confirmed Héctor Bonilla’s Passing?

The President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took to his social media account to share a picture with the late actor. The president wrote that he regrets the death of Hector and shared his warmest hug with the actor’s wife Sofia, her children, her family, and her friends. Reports claim that Hector Bonilla was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in 2019 and in the beginning, he refused to receive treatment.

Now, it is said that due to his carelessness, he succumbed to the dreaded disease as if he had received treatment from the beginning only, things could be different. Well, the actor has passed away from cancer complications. His family said that he peacefully died in his house and was surrounded by his loved ones at the time of his death. Born on March 14, 1939, in the town of Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla, Hector was the youngest of six children. He started acting at the age of 15 only. Follow Social Telecast for more updates.



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