My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Barbara Thore’s cause of death, age, funeral details, and obituary information!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Barbara Thore’s cause of death, age, funeral details, and obituary information!
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Barbara Thore Cause of Death

Whitney served as the main star of the TLC series My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Barbara Thore was more known as Whitney’s mother, and many people adored her as well. This TLC program that was once airing was based on Whitney’s life. When Whitney spoke of Babs’ passing, she said that she did so while being surrounded by her loved ones and that she died from a disorder known as cerebral amyloid angiopathy. Whitney wrote about her mother’s passing in a post that she shared on Instagram. Whitney stated that her mother passed away the same day the post was published on Thursday. Follow For More Updates at

Whitney added that her mother passed away on that day with her entire family by her side. Bab passed away this week at the age of 76, and her daughter was the one to announce the news online. Stay tuned as we go into great detail about Bab and the circumstances surrounding her passing.

Barbara Thore’s Cause of Death

Whitney added that Babs passed away at 10:32 p.m. while her mother was being comforted by her father, Whitney, and Hinter. When Babs was drawing her final breath, Whitney recounts that they held her. Whitney revealed that her mother passed away as the closing credits of her favourite movie rolled.

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It was also the same time Whitney was born forty years earlier. Babs had cerebral amyloid angiopathy, a disorder that worsens brain and blood vessel protein levels and can result in dementia, seizures, and hemorrhagic strokes. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Barbara Thore’s Illness

Hemorrhagic strokes, which cause bleeding in the brain like Babs did according to Whitney, are a rare occurrence. Barbara Thore had a stroke on November 13, 2022, and it was at this point that her condition began to deteriorate. Babs also experienced a stroke earlier, in 2017. Being the cherished mother’s daughter, Whitney gave her a heartfelt and moving tribute, saying that she was her family’s most precious and valuable gift. Whitney continues by saying that they would never love, respect, or value their mother Babs more than anyone else. Whitney said that her mother was the sweetest and funniest person she had ever met.

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life actor Whitney Thore is currently experiencing hardships due to the passing of her mother Barbara, who played Babs on the programme. Whitney wrote on her social media that it was a painful moment for her to learn that her mother had passed away earlier in the day.

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