Nas And 21 Savage Net Worth In 2022 Compared As Beef Drama Goes Viral

Nas And 21 Savage Net Worth In 2022 Compared As Beef Drama Goes Viral
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Fans are going crazy over 21 Savage alleged comment that Nas is “Not Relevant” and have started comparing the two rappers’ net worth in 2022

Both 21 Savage and Nas are undoubtedly two of the biggest and most popular rappers in the world.

Nas And 21 Savage Net Worth In 2022 Compared As Rappers Beef Drama Goes Viral

The two rappers both recently released their new albums, which fans are currently enjoying worldwide.

Nas Is ‘Not Relevant’

While fans across the globe are enjoying and discussing Nas and 21 Savage’s new releases throughout the past week, things have now taken a different course. According to an audio that Billboard and other outlets acquired, 21 Savage is allegedly heard saying that Nas isn’t relevant.

Following the shocking revelation, fans of the two rappers have now started comparing the net worths of the two rappers.

Nas Estimated Net Worth

According to reports, rapper Nas has an estimated net worth of around $70 million. The 49-year-old musician entered the music industry with his debut album, Illmatic, back in 1994.

Ever since then, Nas has produced several hit songs over the years like Patience, N.Y. State of Mind, If I Ruled The World, Get Down, and much more.

Throughout his career, Nas has also collaborated with several of the industry greats like Rudimental, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Lopez. Fans are currently enjoying his most recent 2022 albums, Remember Your Leverage and King’s Disease III.

The Brooklyn rapper has invested into tech business throughout the years, including Coinbase, Ring Lyft, Genius, and more.

21 Savage Estimated Net Worth

21 Savage has an estimated net worth of around $12 million. By comparison, Nas’ net worth is almost six times that of 21 Savage’s net worth. However, Atlanta, Georgia rapper is notably only 30 years old as of 2022, which makes him 19 years younger than Nas.

When Nas’ first album released back in 1994, 21 Savage was merely just two years old. In fact, 21 Savage’s first album, Slaughter Tape, came out in 2015, which is 21 years after Nas’ debut album.

Both the hip-hop artists have had successful musical careers up so far and still have many years ahead of them. Nas and 21 Savage are also fortunate to have some of the biggest fan followings compared to any other rapper currently.

21 Savage Tweets That He Would “Never Disrespect” Nas

Following the shocking reveal, fans have apparently heard 21 Savage making harsh comments against Nas in a viral audio clip. The clip apparently shared what 21 Savage said about Nas. He was heard saying:

“I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he got a loyal fan base. He still makes good music.”

When another voice asks to define relevancy, 21 Savage goes on to explain by saying: “Mostly connected or appropriate to what’s being done to be considered.”

Following the shocking reveals, The Treacherous Twins quickly took to Twitter to clarify the whole incident. Savage claimed that he would never disrespect Nas or “any legend” before him, who paved the way for him.

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