Navbar Apps Download To Change The Appearance Of Android Navigation Bars –

Navbar Apps Download To Change The Appearance Of Android Navigation Bars –
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Navbar Apps To Change the Appearance of Android Navigation Bar – Tired of your boring Navigation Bar? Make it amazing!

Change it to blue, make it red – whatever you want. Choose a cool image as the background or automatically match the colors to fit the application.

Whichever you choose, it will be awesome! And then add some data, like battery level. All that with Navbar Apps!

What is Navbar Apps?

Navbar Apps is an application that can change the appearance of the navigation that you can customize according to your own will.

In fact, the application here can change its appearance according to the application you are playing, for example when you play Facebook, this application will immediately change similar to social media.

Or when you use a Google Play Store app that has a custom color, the Navbar app will automatically change to navigate to a color similar to that of the Google Play Store.

So you can be sure that this application is very helpful and gives you uniqueness.


navbar apps

Go Chameleon

Perhaps what stands out the most about this app is this feature which changes the color of the nav bar according to the currently running active app.

Open Zomato and you’ll find the Red nav bar, whereas Facebook reveals the Blue nav bar.

But for it to work, the navigation bar setting must be enabled. And if one does not like the chameleon color, one can choose a static color.

But that would be boring if you ask me.

Battery Markers

And if a colorful background isn’t reason enough, the Navbar widget will give you the perfect reason to get this app.

Not only will it let you navigate between different pages and apps, it will also act as a marker for battery percentage as well.

The screenshot below should be more than sufficient to make my statement true.

You can change the battery settings – size, color, and transparency – according to your preference.

Add Image

Furthermore, the Navbar App lets you add images below the navigation bar. From plain vertical rainbows to those with cherries – a variety of images are available.

The premium version has even more interesting themes like Spiderman or Pokemon.

In addition, this application provides an opportunity for users to come together and contribute to designs and ideas.

Add Emoji

How about adding some emoji in your nav bar? To see an emoji brings a smile to your face.

Developer Damian Piwowarski has even provided an option to add emoji to the nav bar. There are four emojis that you can choose from by default.

Add Music Bar

Coming to the last section, for now, is the music widget. This feature allows you to have a music visualization in the navigation bar. And guess what, you can choose the style, color and size of the music bar.

Download Navbar Apps Apk

No Navbar Apps Apk
Size 8.4 MB
Developer Damian Piwowarski
Licence Free
Operating System Android 4.1+

Change the appearance of your navigation to be more attractive by installing Navbar Apps via the download button below for free:

Cara Install

  1. Download File APK
    First download the apk file that we have provided above.
  2. Enable Unknown Source
    Open smartphone settings and activate “unknown sourcei.e. enter Settings > other > privacy > enable unknown sources.
  3. Install
    Go to the apk folder that you downloaded then tap and click install at the bottom right.
  4. Done
    Wait for the installation process to run until it is finished.

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That’s the post about Navbar Apps to Change the Appearance of the Android Navigation Bar. Please download for free and enjoy a different navigation view.

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