New Jaehyun NCT Drama Dear. M+ Link Watch For Free! –

New Jaehyun NCT Drama Dear. M+ Link Watch For Free! –
– #Jaehyun #NCT #Drama #Dear #Link #Watch #Free – Jaehyun NCT’s drama with the title Dear. M, which has started airing since Wednesday, June 29, 2022. With a campus atmosphere as a background, Dear M has succeeded in attracting Jaehyun NCT fans to watch this drama.

This drama tells the story of student life on campus which is always peaceful and serene. Campus name in Dear. M is Seoyeon University. However, the peacefulness of the camp changed drastically when there was an anonymous post on the campus’ online web.

The anonymous writer is known as M. This mystery has made all students on campus curious and want to find out about M’s identity.

About Drama Dear. M

Many people have been waiting for this drama, especially NCT ​​fans, who are often known as NCTZen. This is because one of the NCT members, namely Jaehyun, took an acting role in this drama.

The broadcast schedule for this drama starts on June 29 2022. Uniquely, each episode is not broadcast per day, but six episodes are broadcast in one day.

This is what makes the drama Dear. This M ended quickly because 12 episodes aired in just two days. You can watch it right away without the need to wait for weekly episode updates.

Info Dear. M
Premiere June 29, 2022
Spin off Love Playlist
Number of episodes 12 episode
Genre Romance, School, Teen

Cast In Dear. M

Cast In Dear.  M

1. NCT’s Jaehyun as Cha Min Ho

Drama Dear. M is colored by the acting of famous artists, one of which is NCT’s Jaehyun. In this drama, Jaehyun NCT plays a character named Cha Min Ho.

Cha Min Ho is a student at Seoyeon University. He is a funny guy and looks awkward when seen from the outside. But it turns out that he is a serious person when it comes to his obsession with something.

As a student majoring in computer engineering, Min Ho is a smart person and has extraordinary abilities about application development.

2. Park Hye Soo as Ma Joo Ah

Ma Joo Ah is a close friend of Min Ho, played by Park Hye Soo. He is also a student at the same campus as Min Ho, but they have different majors.

Joo Ah majored in business administration and she is already in her second year. He has a very friendly and sociable personality and he can even be close friends with Cha Min Ho with a personality that is quite different from him.

Joo Ah is also someone who likes to interfere with other people’s problems. This is an expression of concern and concern for others.

During his lifetime, Joo Ah has never felt in love with someone else. But in his days on campus, he met someone who was able to make him feel love.

3. Roh Jeong Eui as Seo Ji Min

Seo Ji Min, played by Roh Jeong Eui, is a student majoring in economics. He is also one of the students who is quite popular because he is a leader of cheerleaders.

Seo Ji Min is a beautiful, sweet, and fun personality. Even though she is in the cute girl category, she can also be a leader who has good self-confidence.

4. Bae Hyun Sung as Park Ha Neul

Park Ha Neul is the girlfriend of Seo Ji Min and he is a student majoring in computer science. As the boyfriend of a popular girl, he actually has a personality that is quite the opposite of his girlfriend.

In the drama Dear. This M, Hyun Sung plays the role of a character who tends to be introverted, shy, and quiet. But on the one hand, Ha Neul is a romantic towards Ji Min.

5. Lee Jin Hyuk as Gil Mok Jin

Gil Mok Jin is a psychology student who is in the same class as Ha Neul. He is good friends with Min Ho and Ha Neul because he is the roommate of the two boys.

Mok Jin has an energetic, funny, and meticulous personality. As someone who loves cleanliness, he can still act silly when dealing with the world of romance.

6. Woo Davi as Hwang Bo Young

Wong Bo Yong, played by Woo Davi, is a dating coach to his friends. He is referred to as a trainer because he has extensive knowledge about the dating world.

As someone who is an expert in the world of romance, he can easily break up with his girlfriend if their philosophies are not the same. Because of this, it guides Joo Ah and also Ji Min to plunge into the world of romance.

Sinopsis Dear. M

Sinopsis Dear. M

The drama, which was worked on by Park Jin Woo with Seo Joo Wan, tells the story of Joo Ah who wants to reveal about the case of anonymous posts. This anonymous post was posted to the Seoyeon campus online site.

Posts with the title Dear. This M shocked the whole campus because it contained an expression of love for a person whose name was also not mentioned in the post.

As a friend, Min Ho, played by Jaehyun NCT, certainly decided to help unravel this mystery. Joo Ah is also assisted by her other friends.

Unbeknownst to Joo Ah, it turns out that Min Ho has liked his best friend for a long time. But Joo Ah herself tries to catch up with her senior named Moon Joon. So this drama also tells various love stories from Seoyeon university students.

Unique Facts About the Drama Played by Jaehyun NCT

Unique Facts About the Drama Played by Jaehyun NCT

1. Dear. M As NCT’s Jaehyun First Drama

Jaehyun, who is a member of NCT, started trying to get into acting. dear. M is the first drama starring NCT’s Jaehyun.

Apart from being talented in the world of singing, it turns out that Taehyun NCT can also prove that he is also capable of acting. This is what makes the drama Dear. M is eagerly awaited by many people especially for NCTZen.

2. The broadcast was postponed

The drama, which is played by NCT’s Jaehyun, should have started airing since 2021. However, due to issues with one of the players, the drama had to be postponed for a year.

The scandal involving Park Hye Soo, who played the main character named Park Joo Ah, became an obstacle to the broadcast of the drama Dear. this M. At that time, the allegations of bullying he committed during high school were revealed.

That case made Hye Soo’s agency focus on solving the problem. That’s what made the premiere of Jaehyun NCT’s drama as his co-star delayed.

3. Drama Spin Off Dari Love Playlist

dear. M, starring NCT’s Jaehyun, is a drama adapted from the web series entitled Love Playlist. By carrying the same theme, namely the story of love and friendship, this drama is very contextual with everyday life.

The Love Playlist web series, which aired in 2017, has 4 seasons. With a story that makes the school the background of the place that makes the producer Dear. M was inspired by the story.

4. Drama Produced by Playlist Studio

Playlist Studio is a production company that has succeeded in releasing well-known dramas and web series. Starting from A-Teen, Live On, Blue Birthday, to Love Playlist.

This drama and web series that was worked on by Playlist Studio also attracted big stars to play in it. Famous players who participated included Red Velvet’s Yeri and also Pentagon’s Yang Hong Seok.

Finally, Playlist Studio is also working on the new drama Dear. M, which also stars Jaehyun NCT, is one of the famous stars. Apart from Jaehyun, this drama is also starring other popular young actresses.

Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT

Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT

If you are already curious about Jaehyung NCT’s story and acting in this drama, you can immediately watch it on various platforms. The platforms that you can access are Viki, Telegram, and other websites.

To access Jaehyun NCT’s drama, you can watch it officially on Viki according to the broadcast schedule. If you want to watch on other platforms, you can also use Telegram and join a group that provides updates about every episode of Dear. this M.

There are other ways you can watch this drama, namely by accessing the viewing link. You can watch online or watch online by downloading it first.

Here is a link that you can access to watch every episode of Drama Dear. M. You can watch it for free without having to pay a subscription.

Here is the link for you to watch episodes 1-12.

No. Episode Watch Links
1. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 1 Sub Indo Here
2. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 2 Sub Indo Here
3. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 3 Sub Indo Here
4. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 4 Sub Indo Here
5. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 5 Sub Indo Here
6. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 6 Sub Indo Here
7. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 7 Sub Indo Here
8. Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 8 Sub Indo Here
9 Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 9 Sub Indo Here
10 Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 10 with Indo Sub Here
11 Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 11 Sub Indo Here
12 Watch Drama Jaehyun NCT Episode 12 [Tamat] sub indus Here

The final word

Enough to get here before the discussion about Jaehyun NCT’s drama entitled Dear. M. Hopefully the explanation above can help you to have an idea about this drama. Continue to follow the Eduplex blog for other interesting discussion content.



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