NFC Championship Game winners and runners-up list by years

NFC Championship Game winners and runners-up list by years
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Check out the list of all the last winners and runners-up of the NFC Championships Game by years

The National Football League, the biggest professional American football league in the country, holds two semi-final playoff games, one of which is the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game.

The National Football Conference champion is decided by this game, which is played on the last Sunday in January.

The AFC champion and the winner of this game will square off in the Super Bowl.

NFL NFC Championship Game winners and runners-up list by years

The two clubs had to defeat a team in the divisional round, or the wild card round if they were a wild card, to advance to the NFC championship game.

The top six teams in the NFC, which are made up of the four division champions and the two wild card teams, compete in a series of playoff games after each football season. The NFC Championship game features the two remaining clubs.

DateWinnerLoserScoreHome Team
Jan. 29, 2023Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers (NFL Playoff Tickets)Philadelphia
Jan. 30, 2022Los Angeles Ramssan francisco 49ers20-17The Angels
Jan. 24, 2021Tampa Bay BuccaneersGreen Bay Packers31-26Green Bay
Jan. 19, 2020san francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers37-20San Francisco
Jan. 20, 2019Los Angeles RamsNew Orleans Saints26-23New Orleans
Jan. 21, 2018Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings38-7Philadelphia
Jan. 22, 2017Atlanta FalconsGreen Bay Packers44-21Atlanta
Jan. 24, 2016Carolina PanthersArizona Cardinals49-15Carolina
Jan. 18, 2015Seattle SeahawksGreen Bay Packers28-22Seattle
Jan. 19, 2014Seattle Seahawkssan francisco 49ers23-17Seattle
Jan. 20, 2013san francisco 49ersAtlanta Falcons28-24Atlanta
Jan. 22, 2012New York Giantssan francisco 49ers20-17San Francisco
Jan. 23, 2011Green Bay PackersChicago Bears21-14Chicago
Jan. 24, 2010New Orleans SaintsMinnesota Vikings31-28New Orleans
Jan. 19, 2009Arizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles32-25Arizona
Jan. 20, 2008New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers23-20Green Bay
Jan. 21, 2007Chicago BearsNew Orleans Saints39-14Chicago
Jan. 22, 2006Seattle SeahawksCarolina Panthers34-14Seattle
Jan. 23, 2005Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons27-10Philadelphia
Jan. 18, 2004Carolina PanthersPhiladelphia Eagles14-3Philadelphia
Jan. 19, 2003Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10Philadelphia
Jan. 27, 2002St. Louis RamsPhiladelphia Eagles29-24St. Louis
Jan. 14, 2001New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings41-0New York
Jan. 23, 2000St. Louis RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers11-6St. Louis
Jan. 17, 1999Atlanta FalconsMinnesota Vikings30-27Minnesota
Jan. 11, 1998Green Bay Packerssan francisco 49ers23-10San Francisco
Jan. 12, 1997Green Bay PackersCarolina Panthers30-13Green Bay
Jan. 14, 1996Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers38-27Dallas
Jan. 15, 1995san francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys38-28San Francisco
Jan. 23, 1994Dallas Cowboyssan francisco 49ers38-21Dallas
Jan. 17, 1993Dallas Cowboyssan francisco 49ers30-20San Francisco
Jan. 12, 1992WashingtonDetroit Lions41-10Washington
Jan. 20, 1991New York Giantssan francisco 49ers15-13San Francisco
Jan. 14, 1990san francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams30-3San Francisco
Jan. 8, 1989san francisco 49ersChicago Bears28-3Chicago
Jan. 17, 1988WashingtonMinnesota Vikings17-10Washington
Jan. 11, 1987New York GiantsWashington17-0New York
Jan. 12, 1986Chicago BearsLos Angeles Rams24-0Chicago
Jan. 6, 1985san francisco 49ersChicago Bears23-0San Francisco
Jan. 8, 1984Washingtonsan francisco 49ers24-21Washington
Jan. 22, 1983WashingtonDallas Cowboys31-17Washington
Jan. 10, 1982san francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys28-27San Francisco
Jan. 11, 1981Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys20-7Philadelphia
Jan. 6, 1980Los Angeles RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers9-0Tampa Bay
Jan. 7, 1979Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams28-0The Angels
Jan. 1, 1978Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings23-6Dallas
Dec. 26, 1976Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams24-13Minnesota
Jan. 4, 1976Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams37-7The Angels
Dec. 29, 1974Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams14-10Minnesota
Dec. 30, 1973Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys27-10Dallas
Dec. 31, 1972WashingtonDallas Cowboys26-3Washington
Jan. 2, 1972Dallas Cowboyssan francisco 49ers14-3Dallas
Jan. 3, 1971Dallas Cowboyssan francisco 49ers17-10San Francisco
Jan. 4, 1970Minnesota VikingsCleveland Browns27-7Minnesota
Dec. 29, 1968Baltimore ColtsCleveland Browns34-0Cleveland
Dec. 31, 1967Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys21-17Green Bay
Jan. 1, 1967Green Bay PackersDallas Cowboys34-27Dallas
Jan. 2, 1966Green Bay PackersCleveland Browns23-12Green Bay
Dec. 27, 1964Cleveland BrownsBaltimore Colts27-0Cleveland
Dec. 29, 1963Chicago BearsNew York Giants14-10Chicago
Dec. 30, 1962Green Bay PackersNew York Giants16-7New York
Dec. 31, 1961Green Bay PackersNew York Giants37-0Green Bay
Dec. 26, 1960Philadelphia EaglesGreen Bay Packers17-13Philadelphia
Dec. 27, 1959Baltimore ColtsNew York Giants31-16Baltimore
Dec. 28, 1958Baltimore ColtsNew York Giants23-17New York
Dec. 29, 1957Detroit LionsCleveland Browns59-14Detroit
Dec. 30, 1956New York GiantsChicago Bears47-7New York
Dec. 26, 1955Cleveland BrownsLos Angeles Rams38-14The Angels
Dec. 26, 1954Cleveland BrownsDetroit Lions56-10Cleveland
Dec. 27, 1953Detroit LionsCleveland Browns17-16Detroit
Dec. 28, 1952Detroit LionsCleveland Browns17-7Cleveland
Dec. 23, 1951Los Angeles RamsCleveland Browns24-17The Angels
Dec. 24, 1950Cleveland BrownsLos Angeles Rams30-28Cleveland
Dec. 18, 1949Philadelphia EaglesLos Angeles Rams14-0The Angels
Dec. 19, 1948Philadelphia EaglesChicago Cardinals7-0Philadelphia
Dec. 28, 1947Chicago CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles28-21Chicago
Dec. 15, 1946Chicago BearsNew York Giants24-14New York
Dec. 16, 1945Cleveland RamsWashington15-14Cleveland
Dec. 17, 1944Green Bay PackersNew York Giants14-7New York
Dec. 26, 1943Chicago BearsWashington41-21Chicago
Dec. 13, 1942WashingtonChicago Bears14-6Washington
Dec. 21, 1941Chicago BearsNew York Giants37-9Chicago
Dec. 8, 1940Chicago BearsWashington73-0Washington
Dec. 10, 1939Green Bay PackersNew York Giants27-0Green Bay
Dec. 11, 1938New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers23-17New York
Dec. 12, 1937WashingtonChicago Bears28-21Chicago
Dec. 13, 1936Green Bay PackersBoston21-6Neutral
Dec. 15, 1935Detroit LionsNew York Giants26-7Detroit
Dec. 9, 1934New York GiantsChicago Bears30-13New York
Dec. 17, 1933Chicago Bears

Dallas Cowboys are the mssful team in the tournament. The team and the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for the most Super Bowl appearances (8), which corresponds to the most NFC titles (8).

The Cowboys are the first NFL team to have 20 straight winning seasons (1966–1985), missing the postseason just twice (1974 and 1984).

2023 NFC Championship

The 2023 NFC Championship tournament is all set for the year. At Lincoln Financial Field, the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling game.

On Sunday, January 29, the NFC championship game for this year will begin at 3:00 PM ET on Fox. In just over two weeks, the winner of this game will face the AFC Championship champions in the Super Bowl.

The New York Giants were easily defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles 38-7 in their divisional round meeting on Saturday. The team of Nick Sirianni appeared strong defensively and ruthless offensively.

After concluding the regular season with the greatest record (14-3) among all NFL teams, the club has carried on where they left off. They are undoubtedly among the favourites to win the Super Bowl this year with Jalen Hurts playing at his peak.

In the meantime, the 49ers defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card round to win the NFC West title. The team led by Kyle Shanahan later defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round to move on to the NFC Championship contest.

San Francisco has a remarkable 12-game winning streak that will be difficult to end. It’s reasonable to assume that this year’s NFC Championship game will be a spectacle.




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