Nickelodeon Victorious Couples: Who Dated Who

Nickelodeon Victorious Couples: Who Dated Who
Every Victorious Relationship Timeline From Nickelodeon, When They Dated, And For How Long!

Everyone knows that the Nickelodeon show Victorious was filled with laughs, but there was also a lot of love going on between some of our favorite characters. Even though their relationship timelines can get a little bit confusing from time to time, we’ll take you through their ups and downs. Cat Valentine and Robbie Shapiro made such a sweet, supportive pair, that many Cabbie stans wanted to see Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett get together in real life! Jade West and Beck Oliver started out together, but before long jealousy issues lead to a break up between them. . .more than once! Meanwhile, Tori Vega had her own romantic feelings for Beck as well as a sense of loyalty towards her frenemy, Jade. Beck was a popular guy, hanging out with girls like Alyssa Vaughn and Trina Vega, but in the end there was just not stopping Bade from being a thing! In Tori Goes Platinum, she may have gotten to open for the awards show but Jade got her man. Besides the fact that everyone loves Beck, there are some other interesting ships which never got the chance to set sail.

What do you think about who ended up getting together and whose love was left on the sidelines? Let us know if you’re still heartbroken over Cabbie in the comment section below and don’t forget to stay connected to The Things by clicking on the subscribe button, turning on your notifications and giving this video a big thumbs up!

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Nickelodeon Victorious Couples: Who Dated Who
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