No Jumper Fight Video On Twitter Goes Viral, What Actually Happened There?

No Jumper Fight Video On Twitter Goes Viral, What Actually Happened There?
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No Jumper Fight Video On Twitter Goes Viral, What Actually Happened There? No Jumper Podcast has long been known as a home for interesting characters and controversial moments, but the latest may be the best of the bunch.

Host Adam22 is joined by Almighty Suspect as co-host, and they are joined by special guest Kelpy, who recently went viral after appearing as an unlikely pimp in Soft White Underbelly. Things do not go as planned, however, and after a heated discussion, a full-blown fistfight breaks out between the Suspect and Kelpy.

No Jumper Fight Video On Twitter Goes Viral, What Actually Happened There?

Has anyone noticed how popular the No Jumper podcast is? It’s a rather popular podcast, but something rather unusual occurred during an interview and it turned out to be the most talked-about interview in the United States.

This article on the No Jumper fight video on Twitter will explain what happened during the interview and why everyone is discussing it.

Let’s get to know first who is Adam John (Adam22)

Adam22 is an American podcaster and YouTuber who specializes in pop culture topics. He established No Jumper in 2013, a podcast about the rap scene.

In 2018, he was the focus of a documentary film titled “Who the F*@! is Adam22?

Who is Lil Kilpy?

Lil Kelpy, a 19-year-old rapper, and social media star were made famous by the YouTube series No Jumper and Soft White Underbelly.

He hails from Orange County, California, and has recorded and distributed music on Apple Music and SoundCloud. He has released seven songs to date, including How To Run Game and Class Is Now In Session.

There was a fight during the No Jumper podcast.

On November 23, 2022, No Jumper hosted Almighty Suspect and Lil Kelpy for his podcast, as per online sources. Adam typically conversed with his guests, but this time, the discussion between Kelpy and Suspect became heated and they began fighting. The video of the podcast went viral on Twitter, YouTube, and other sources, and it got over 200,000 likes on Twitter.

A fight between Adam 22 & Kelpy

Adam John Grandmaison is well-known for his content creation and his influencer status. He also runs No Jumper, a popular pop culture-based podcast. On November 23, 2022, the makers invited rapper Suspect and Kelpy, two of the most popular personalities. When the interview turned into a heated conversation between Suspect and Kelpy within ten minutes, it was ruined.

Any such actions by anyone are not supported by our page. You may watch the video if you feel comfortable doing so. Every detail about the podcast is taken from online sources.

According to online sources, the suspect began to mock Kelpy’s outfit, which we wore on our last interview. He spat on his face, making him angry, and the two began to fight.

What does the video show?

Adam posted the clip of the interview on his Twitter account. We can see Suspect overpowering Kelpy with his words in this 1:25-minute video. Because of this, Kelpy used inappropriate words to describe the suspect.

When the suspect became enraged and began punching the young man, he burst into anger. Because the video has been viewed by millions of people, it has been widely distributed. It is still available on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and others.

Has the video been taken down from social media?

According to the sources, the video has been circulating on social networks. It is still accessible online.

Even Adam himself has posted a portion of the scuffle on his Twitter account.

As a result, people may have downloaded the video from his page and disseminated it all over the world. Their account of Adam includes a sensitive content warning, so you can see the video if you verify it.

Readers may visit Adam’s official account or other platforms, such as Telegram, to see the video if they desire.

Watch The No Jumper Fight Full Video:



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