Nonton Project Wolf Hunting (2022) Online Sub Indo –

Nonton Project Wolf Hunting (2022) Online Sub Indo –
– #Nonton #Project #Wolf #Hunting #Online #Indo – Watching Project Wolf Hunting is definitely being loved by many fans of action and gore films. Coupled with the charm possessed by the actors and actresses in the film, it adds to the excitement.

You will see how the Korean film stars play roles in the film. Which tells the story of prisoners who have a plan to escape when moving using a cargo ship.

However, unexpected things happen when you want to do this. What is the end of the film’s story, can the prisoners who work together escape? Watch Project Wolf Hunting only in this article.

Synopsis Watch Wolf Project Hunting

The story contained in this film was written and also directed by a big name, namely Kim Hong Sun. Which he also did the same thing in the movie Metamorphosis and Broker.

This film begins with a plan to transfer prisoners from Manila, Philippines. And the location of the transfer of these prisoners to South Korea. The time for this transfer is relatively short, namely 3 days.

To move these prisoners, use a cargo ship. Where the contents of the cargo ship are dangerous prisoners, with heinous criminal histories.

The background of this cargo ship is in the Pacific Ocean, which is the way for cargo ships from Manila, the Philippines and to South Korea. Thus, the way of escape can only be done through the sea.

Where among these fugitives there is someone named Do-Il played by Jang Dong Yoon, who is a criminal in Interpol who has many accusations.

And there is Jong Du, played by Seo In Guk. Jong Du is a brutal criminal who later leads mass to escape from other prisoners.

They will fight in 2 different camps, so that it will be an act of hunting each other like wolves. And there will also be disputes with security officers and police on the cargo ship.

In the midst of the commotion that occurred on the prisoner transfer cargo ship, a mysterious figure will appear. Where he will kill everyone who meets him.

This mysterious figure does not look like a human in general, because it has advantages in physical strength like a monster. Who is the mysterious figure that will appear on the cargo ship?

How does the end of the story of the prisoners working together to escape from the cargo ship, will it end well or vice versa? Therefore, let’s watch Project Wolf Hunting in the article.

Cast in Watching Project Wolf Hunting

Cast in Watching Project Wolf Hunting

The film that we report on in this article is arguably a film with a collection of top South Korean actors and actresses. Because all the names of the actors in the film are familiar to hear.

So, you can imagine if these actors and actresses were combined in the same film. Surely the film will be very exciting for fans to see.

Here are some of the names of South Korea’s top actors and actresses who took part in watching Project Wolf Hunting. And also what kind of role they will play in this film.

1. Seo In Guk

This one actor is definitely eagerly awaited in a film. Due to his good looks and excellent acting skills, he has a large number of fans around the world.

Where he first made his debut as an actor in a film called Love Rain. Then he became even more famous after succeeding in a film called Reply 1997 and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

In this film, Seo In Guk will take on the role of Jong Du. He will become a brutal criminal, and lead an escape attempt from a cargo ship carrying prisoners.

With the role of a brutal criminal, of course you and also his die-hard fans are looking forward to how Seo In Guk will be in this version.

2. Jang Dong Yoon

Jang Dong Yoon is one of the popular actors who has played a role in a famous Korean drama film. The films he has starred in are The Tale Of Nokdu, Search, and School 2017.

This actor has also won a myriad of achievements in the world of acting. Namely the Best Couple Award, Excellent Actor, and Actor Specializing in Short Dramas.

In this film Jang Dong Yoon will act as Du Il. Which Du Il is a policeman who has many accusations against him. And interestingly, he will become a rival of Jong Du, played by Seo In Guk.

You will be able to witness the excitement of these two handsome men fighting on the same cargo ship. If you want to see it, watch Project Wolf Hunting in the article.

3. Sung Do Il

Sung Do Il is a senior actor who started his career as an actor since 2001. With his long involvement in the acting world, Sung Do Il has played a lot of films.

So for those of you who feel like fans of Korean dramas or Korean widescreen films, it’s no longer strange to see the face and name of this actor. In this film, Sung Do Il will play Dae Woong.

Yang is the partner of Jang Dong Yoon who plays Do Il in the film. Thus, the two of them would try to restrain the prisoners who were trying to escape.

4. Young So Min

The actress who was born on March 16, 1989 will also participate in the film. Besides having a beautiful face, he also has the ability to act / play the role very well.

Now Jung So Min is more recognized by people because he played in a Korean drama called Alchemy Of Souls. But he has made his debut in acting since 2010 in the film Bad Guy.

In this film, Jung So Min will have the role of Yeom Da Yeon. Yang is a prisoner brought from Manila, just like Jong Du, played by Seo In Guk.

We will see how the action of the cooperation that was built between him, the prisoners, and his leader in an effort to escape from this prisoner transfer cargo ship.

Link Nonton Project Wolf Hunting

Link Nonton Project Wolf Hunting

For those of you who are less than 18 years old or have a fear of blood. We do not recommend this film for you. Because this film contains some sadistic scenes and lots of blood.

However, if you really want to try watching Project Wolf Hunting in the article. Then you will get access to watching this Korean wide screen film.

In the table provided by us, it will contain some information / notices regarding aspects in the film. And there you will also find a link to Watch Project Wolf Hunting.

Aspects in Film Description of the Aspect
Movie Name Project Wolf Hunting
Movie Release Date 28 September 2022
Genre Film Korean Movie / Thriller / Science Fiction / Movie / Action
Film Director Name Kim Hong Sun
Video Image Quality Adjusts On Connection / Can Be Selected
Movie Duration 122 Minutes / 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Link Nonton Project Wolf Hunting Here

How to Watch Project Wolf Hunting

How to Watch Project Wolf Hunting

For those of you who are still beginners or have just watched movies via the link found on our site. Then you are definitely still confused about how to watch this film.

This problem is not strange if faced by those of you who are new to this matter. The directions we provide will guide you on how to Watch Project Wolf Hunting in the article.

  1. It can be ensured that the access speed owned by the device is stable and fast. This is so that buffering does not occur and the video quality decreases when the film is in progress.
  2. Click on the link that you find in the table, then the link will go directly to the display of the film you want to see.
  3. When you can play the film, you can first enter subtitles according to your needs. This subtitle button is usually in the right corner of the play button.
  4. For video quality, you can set it before the movie takes place. However, the quality of this video can drop automatically if your network connection drops.
  5. After all the settings have been completed as needed, then you can press the start button on the device screen.
  6. The film will take place, and enjoy watching.

The final word

Come to the end of the article about Watching Project Wolf Hunting. We give an appeal, that this film is not recommended for those of you who are afraid of blood and are still immature.

We hope that the articles we made can add to your movie watching experience. See you again in our article, and enjoy watching.



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