Nude Video Links Similar to Onic Kayes Viral Twitter & Tiktok – Kuri007 Detail Explored

Nude Video Links Similar to Onic Kayes Viral Twitter & Tiktok – Kuri007
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Kayes is one of the beautiful brand ambassadors (BA) owned by the ONIC Esports team. Social media was stirred up by a nude video of a girl who netizens rated as similar to ONIC Kayes.

Viral Woman Looks Like Onic Kayes Without Clothes

Viral Video Link Allegedly ONIC Kayes Without Clothing Circulates on Twitter, Wanted Netizens and Checks Directly Here - Pembrita Bogor

Video footage and screenshots of a naked girl circulated on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. The video shows a girl wearing a T-shirt and exposing her sensitive parts.

Some netizens think that the girl in the video looks like ONIC Kayes. “The necklace with Kayes’s mole which is still viral, how come it’s the same,” tweeted one netizen with the @L accountjwith.

Going viral on social media, Kayes clarified and denied that it was him. The beautiful BA explained that the video had been edited and he asked netizens not to share it.

“Hello guys, it’s really crowded. Geez, that’s not me guys, that’s edited. Don’t be quick to believe something like that. Since ancient times there have been cases like this. Want an artist, want an influencer, until I get hit too. It’s a pity if you believe in a lie,” said Kayes through his Instagram account (@ewkharis) on Friday (05/08/2022).

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The gaming streamer also revealed that his party did not hesitate to process the law for the person who spread the nude video. He asked netizens to stop spreading the vulgar content.

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“Yes, guys. Stop reposting or spreading. I’m looking for someone to spread lies like this. I will report it to the police until I find the house with the same identity. I’ve asked ONIC for help too. Just wait,” Kayes added.

It should be noted that before becoming a BA, Kayes was an influencer with many fans on TikTok and Instagram.

For ONIC Esports fans as well as Mobile Legends gamers, Kayes or Kharisma Cahaya Putri is a familiar figure for them.

This beautiful 19-year-old gamer often shares a row of interesting content on his social media. Kayes often creates content when he wears ONIC oversized clothes.

Kayes’ TikTok account “@yourrkayesss” already has 5 million followers while her Instagram (@ewkharis) has crossed 2 million followers. When this article was written, a video of a naked girl who was judged by netizens to be similar to the beautiful BA ONIC Kayes was still viral on social media.

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