Office Applications That Are Very Popular Today – Kuri007

Office Applications That Are Very Popular Today – Kuri007
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banner 468x60–Office Apps Very Popular Currently, there are many various applications offered by the Google Play Store and App Store. However, smartphone users are often focused on entertainment applications. As is currently widely used by the community such as playing games, streaming video and many others.

But for now, many users forget about office applications such as “office”. Even though this application is very helpful and completes work and tasks when we are in a hurry.

If any of you are curious about what the popular office applications are, below are some office applications that we have summarized.

Microsoft Word Office

Word Mobile has been included in the office mobile package since 1996. This is a word processing application that has the same functionality as the desktop version, namely Microsoft Word.

Word Mobile can also perform various basic edits to documents and is also capable of saving documents in various forms. Such as Rich Text Format, Microsoft DOC format, and script files.

Because Word Mobile is also capable of inserting images, lists, and tables into documents. Although the image must already be included in the edited document in the desktop version of Microsoft Word, and cannot be copied or pasted.

Microsoft Excel

Like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile has been included in Office Mobile since its first release. It is also a spreadsheet application compatible with Microsoft Excel, and can create new books, edit and save them in Microsoft .’xls’ format.

Excel Mobile can edit cells, basic calculation formulas, and create charts and graphs.
Since it will run on a screen with a low resolution, Excel Mobile can also run in full screen mode.
In addition it can also support data filtering and split panels to view other parts of the worksheet at a time.

Microsoft Power Point

Power Point Mobile has been included in the Office Mobile package since its release for Windows Mobile 5.0.
This application also has presentations that can display various presentation documents made from Microsoft Power Point.
Unlike Word and Excel Mobile applications, Power Point Mobile will not be able to create and edit existing presentation documents.
Although only as a PowerPoint preview program, PowerPoint Mobile can also zoom in.

Office Suite dan PDF Editor

Office Suite is a cross-platform office application developed by MobiSystems.

The app also has versions for android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (PC) and adds extensive PDF capabilities for compatibility with the most commonly used Microsoft Office file formats.

This software has more than 220 million downloads on google play and is one of the top Android business apps.

WPS Office

This WPS Office application was named Kingsoft Office, because this application is also an acronym or stands for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets (WPS).

For one of the best Android apps, WPS Office has enabled its users. To open documents from many local sources and access files already stored in user storage.

However, for its own security, this application has also provided a password for certain files that you want to secure.

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