Ordinary FF Translucent Walls and Rocks With Config, Download Here – Kuri007.com

Ordinary FF Translucent Walls and Rocks With Config, Download Here – Kuri007.com
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FF Ordinary Translucent-Free Fire is a game that has a lot of tricks in it. When playing you need to understand some of them, because this will really help your victory. One trick that is quite phenomenal is that FF is usually translucent, so you can pass rocks or walls.

In this game released by Garena, there are various map options that we can use. Each map certainly has a different shape and position of the building.

Hiding to avoid enemies is a tactic that is often used by most players. That way they can spy on the enemy from a safe position. Some players are actually lazy to use this technique, instead they prefer open matches using the skills they have.

In order to avoid this “crazy” player, you can use the usual FF trick to penetrate by using the config that you can later apply to your Free Fire game folder.

Although sometimes such techniques are dangerous and can result in suspension. However, there are still many other players who want to try it.

What is Translucent Ordinary FF?

FF can or normally penetrate, this is a technique so that we can penetrate walls or rocks in the Free Fire game. In this way we cross various kinds of buildings without needing to turn around looking for empty space.

You just lunge at the wall then we can penetrate it. This is of course very beneficial for us as players, because that way we can move more freely.

To be able to do this trick, we can do it in various ways, such as menu mods, config scripts and so on. But of the several ways, using config is the most popular.

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Download Translucent Ordinary FF Config

Before downloading this file, we must inform you of any risks that might occur. First, it is likely to be penalized, then if there is an error in placing the file, it does not rule out that there is corruption that disturbs your comfort.

You cannot get this file itself in the official app store, so when you want to download it, you can look for it yourself on the internet. For that we have provided a normal ff configuration that penetrates walls and walls which you can download here.

This FF Mod config has a size that is quite large, namely 684MB, so those of you who want to download it need a stable network. Also try to have enough memory space.

How to Install Translucent Ordinary FF Config

For those of you who want to apply a config for the Free Fire game for the first time and feel difficulties regarding the methods, then you can follow our tutorial below.

  • Download the usual ff config, see above
  • Then you can move the configuration by copying or cutting
  • Simpan di folder android-obb-com.dts.freefireth
  • Then you just paste it in that folder

If you have done step by step as above, then all you have to do is try it in your Free Fire game. Traverse buildings and rocks to find out if the config is still working or not.

This config is only temporary, so when there are bug fixes made by the developer, we can no longer use it.

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The final word

That was the review that we can give regarding the usual ff config that penetrates walls. Also understand the consequences before you use the files that we have shared above, so you are not disappointed when there are sanctions from the developer later.



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