Pancasila Precepts Reflecting the Diversity of Indonesian Society Are Sila –

Pancasila Precepts Reflecting the Diversity of Indonesian Society Are Sila –
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Pancasila Precepts Reflecting the Diversity of Indonesian Society Are Sila – Examples of the application of precepts 1 to 5 can be seen in everyday life, especially at home and in the family environment.

Apart from being the basis of the state, Pancasila is also the ideological support for the entire Indonesian state. Therefore, Pancasila must be a sign and guide in the life of the nation and state. Pancasila practice can also be applied in everyday life, including in the family environment.

Pancasila Precepts Reflecting the Diversity of Indonesian Society Are Sila

Pancasila as a way of life can be traced to its origins. The word Pancasila comes from the Sanskrit word panca which means “five” and sila which means “principle” or “principle”. Thus, Pancasila can be interpreted as a formula and guideline for all Indonesian citizens.

Pancasila: Sounds, Symbols, and Their Meanings, Class 4 Material, Theme 4

Pancasila consists of 5 principles, namely (1) Belief in the One and Only God; (2) Just and civilized humanity; (3) Indonesian Unity; (4) Democracy led by wisdom in deliberations/representations; and (5) Social justice for all Indonesian citizens.

(2017) edited by Al Hanif, Pancasila needs to contextualize its content and meaning so that its values ​​can be found throughout Indonesian culture.

Sri Edi Swasono’s paper entitled “Pankasila and Our Intellectual Responsibility” which was presented at the Fifth Pancasila Congress (2013) stated that the ideas and ideas of implementing Pancasila values ​​as the source of all sources of law in Indonesia are constitutional mandates.

Sounds of Pancasila and Its Symbols The contents or sounds of the 5 rules in Pancasila along with the appropriate symbols or symbols are as follows:

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Pancasila values ​​come from the country’s culture and have core values ​​that are universally accepted, so they are not eternal, that is, they will never change as long as the Indonesian state exists. Pancasila is the ideology and foundation of the Indonesian state which consists of five precepts with different meanings and has its own national symbol, such as Garuda Pancasila with its philosophy.

The use of the Garuda Pancasila symbol is regulated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 24 of 2009. The following is an illustration.

As previously mentioned, Garuda as the national symbol has a shield in the middle of its body. It is a shield that symbolizes protection, defense and independent striving for goals.

Quoted from Undeniably Pancasila Education and Citizenship for Class IV SD/MI written by the Tunas Karya Guru team, in the center of the shield there is a black line which represents the equator.

Pancasila Values ​​And Examples In Everyday Life

This reflects Indonesia’s geographical location and marks Indonesia as a tropical country crossed by the equator. Apart from that, on the shield there is a place containing the five precepts of the Pancasila syllabus.

The following explanation will provide an understanding of how the meaning of the third precept is related to its symbols, as well as the meaning of the third precept in Pancasila.

The third precept in Pancasila reads: “Indonesian Unity”, symbolized by a rooted banana tree. The banyan tree itself is a large tree with wide branches that can be used for shelter and coolness.

Referring to the book Smart Solutions Peel All Class 1 SD/MI Lessons published by WahyuMedia, the banyan symbol symbolizes the diversity of people in each region that unites one country, especially Indonesia.

How is the relationship between the meaning of the third precept and its symbol in Pancasila?

The roots contained in the banyan tree contain the diversity of Indonesian society. In addition, the strong roots of the banyan tree are interpreted as the diversity of ethnic groups and the Indonesian people who must remain united.

Every rule in Pancasila has a meaning that can be applied to realize the values ​​of everyday life. The unity of Indonesia means the maintenance of the unity and integrity of the Indonesian state with the following meanings: Knowing the meaning of Pankasil as the basis of the state, the duties of Pankasil and the Pankasil symbol – Pankasil are the foundation of the Republic of Indonesia. It contains rules that serve as guidelines for life in Indonesia. The precepts contained in Pancasila have their own meaning that must be used in the daily life of every Indonesian.

The following is the meaning and meaning of the Pancasila symbol and its use in each regulation. See the following information.

The word Pancasila comes from Sanskrit, namely the word panca means five and the word sila means principle. Overall, Pancasila defines the five foundations of the Indonesian state.

Symbols of Pancasila Precepts 1 5 and their meanings, let’s understand!

Pancasila, which is depicted with the Garuda bird symbol, means a source of strength. In addition, the golden color on the Garuda bird has a meaning as a symbol of glory.

According to the book Pancasila as Ideology and the Foundation of the State, as the basic guideline for the Indonesian state itself, Pancasila has nine functions that can be used by Indonesian citizens. These are the nine duties of Pancasila.

In accordance with its role as a way of life, Pancasila is divided into five rules that must be followed by every Indonesian in daily life. Below are the five rules and their definitions.

Belief in One Almighty God is the first precept in Pancasila, which means that we as Indonesian citizens must believe in and fear God. In this case, of course, the accommodation of the religion that we believe in and the beliefs that everyone has.

Answer Questions about Pancasila Values ​​and the Benefits of Mutual Cooperation, Grade 5 Theme 7

Thus, this principle also implies that we as a society living side by side must respect each other within religious communities in order to create a prosperous and peaceful environment.

Just and civilized humanity is the second precept of Pancasila, which means that we Indonesian citizens must have an inner understanding of equality in every human being so that we can love and respect one another.

Apart from that, this rule also invites us to care for and help each other, uphold existing truth and justice, and cooperate with each other in creating peace throughout the Indonesian homeland.

Unity of Indonesia is the third precept of Pancasila, which means that we as citizens of Indonesia must always prioritize the goals of unity, unity and the interests of the common country above our personal interests.

The True Function of Pancasila Page All

Apart from that, in this third regulation, we are invited to have character and to be people who are willing and ready to sacrifice for the sake of achieving the independence of the Indonesian state, to show love for the Indonesian nation as a motherland, and to have pride. in the state of Indonesia.

Democracy which is led by wisdom and wisdom in representative deliberations is the fourth precept of Pancasila, meaning that we as Indonesian citizens are invited not to impose personal preferences or desires and to always put forward or prioritize common interests or the state.

When making decisions in various fields, both at work and in everyday life, we are always faced with various choices. According to this principle, we are invited to make choices that will contribute to achieving common goals and solving existing problems through discussion.

Social justice for all Indonesian citizens is the fifth precept of Pancasila, which means that we as Indonesian citizens are invited to always act fairly in all activities, to make decisions that must be mutually agreed upon.

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Apart from that, we also have to find a balance between our rights and obligations as Indonesian citizens, while respecting the rights of others and continuing to fulfill our responsibilities as Indonesian citizens.

As explained above, the symbol of Pankasila is a picture of a golden Garuda bird that symbolizes success.

In addition, the Garuda bird which is the symbol of Pancasila consists of seventeen knuckles, eight tail feathers, nineteen feathers under the tail, and forty-five feathers on the neck to symbolize the time when the country’s independence was proclaimed in August. Indonesia 17. 1945.

Also in the Pancasila symbol we see the Garuda bird holding a scroll with the inscription Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. In this case, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika has the meaning of unity that exists in diversity in Indonesia. Even though Indonesian society consists of various tribes, races and different cultures, they are still united.

Class V Theme 7 Bs

However, the Pancasila symbol itself has a shield, each part of which represents the Pancasila Pancasila symbol. Below is the meaning of the symbols that are owned by each rule in Pancasila.

The first commandments, especially God Almighty, are symbolized by a golden star on a black shield. This shows that every Indonesian is a society that believes in and fears God Almighty.

The gold color symbolizes meaning, as a spiritual light that belongs to everyone. Meanwhile, the black color on the shield represents the original color or natural color which shows God who is the source of all sources in this world.

Also, regardless of the various religions that everyone practices, they still respect each other and the beliefs that they profess.

Unika Soegijapranata as a Miniature of Indonesia

The second rule, “Just and Civilized Mankind,” is represented by the symbol of a continuous series of seventeen numbers. In addition to the existing chains, there are two shapes, namely circles and rectangles. The round shape on the chain represents a woman, and the rectangular shape represents a man.

Describing this continuous chain illustrates that every Indonesian is a hereditary generation that has inherited Indonesian independence, is interconnected and needs one another.

The third rule is that the unity of Indonesia is symbolized by a banyan tree which is a place of shelter or shelter for every Indonesian. In addition, the banyan tree is also described as a symbol of the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation, because the banyan tree has a single, long root that supports the growth and development of the tree.

The banyan tree becomes an image or philosophy that every Indonesian nation can maintain and protect under the leadership of the Indonesian nation because every community has the same degree and respects each other.

Application of the Fourth and Fifth Precepts of the Pancasila Worksheet

The fourth precept, “Democracy led by wisdom” and “Wisdom in representative deliberations”, is depicted with the symbol of a bull’s head, which has the meaning of people’s power in an excerpt from BPIP RI. Bull’s head can also be interpreted as

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