Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant Wife Brittany Matthews Packs Her Hospital Bags

Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant Wife Brittany Matthews Packs Her Hospital Bags
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Brittany Matthews Courtesy of Brittany Matthews/Instagram

He’s almost here! Brittany Matthews is preparing to give birth to her and husband Patrick Mahomes‘ second child, and her bags are already packed.

“I’m packing baby boy’s hospital bag and my hospital bag, so I’m briefly just going to run through it with you guys,” the 27-year-old told Instagram followers on Saturday, November 26. “I’m going to show you the main things I’m packing for him and then putting in my bag because I know I didn’t share all this stuff with the first time just because I was nervous. I was a new mom. I didn’t know what I was going to use and what I wasn’t. So this time a little more educated.”

The former soccer player welcomed daughter Sterling with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, 27, in February 2021. She’s expecting a baby boy later this year.

“I did pack some burp cloths. I packed a swaddle for him. I use the SwaddleMe velcro swaddles. I think they’re the best,” Matthews explained before showing two types of lotion. “Aquaphor — normal Aquaphor and then I have some diaper cream.”

Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant Wife Brittany Matthews Details Her Hospital Bags: What She Needs to Birth Her Baby Boy

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews. Michael Simon/Startraks

The expecting mother added that she brings her own pacifiers, baby blanket, diapers and wipes, even though hospitals typically provide those. “I do bring the Boppy [pillow] and then just something to lay him on when he’s away, so I’m bringing the DockATot.

The Texas native also packed the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine and three Kyte onesies, including black and white ones with celestial patterns.

Matthews couldn’t show fans her name plate since she and Mahomes haven’t revealed what Sterling’s little brother will be called yet.

For her own hospital bag, comfort is key. The Kansas City Current owner uses the postpartum mom kit from Frida. “I still like to bring my own peribottle and underwear or the diaper stuff and all of that,” she explained. “But most importantly, I love the socks and I like the gown. I like to wear this [gown] instead of the one that the hospital gives you. This one is way more comfortable. It has buttons on the front of it and the back of it and it’s just bomb. I delivered Sterling in this last time and I highly, highly recommend.”

She added thick socks and slippers to her hospital bag as well. “You don’t really want to put pants on immediately after so I just recommend some nightgowns. Nursing bras for sure,” Matthews explained, noting that she bought a selection just in case of leaks.

She packed some rubber slides for shower shoes and a cozy robe. In addition to standard toiletries, the personal trainer has a hair dryer and straightener in her bag. She also shared that extra long phone charging cords are helpful and a surge protector with extra outlets helps make sure dad and grandma can stay plugged in too.

Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant Wife Brittany Matthews Details Her Hospital Bags: What She Needs to Birth Her Baby Boy
Courtesy of Brittany Matthews/Instagram

“You need your going home outfits, which I recommend just some, like, loose pants. So I brought a few joggers and a sweatshirt and some comfy shoes to go home in,” she continued.

Her most interesting recommendation was blue Jolly Rangers. “This is a weird thing but hard candy,” she admitted. “Obviously, once you start labor you cannot eat, so I needed something in my mouth to keep my mind off of food. Jolly Tanchers was that for me. I only like the blue ones.”

She captioned the clip, “Cause I was hangry let me tell ya 😂.”

Matthews added that she felt much more prepared to deliver her baby boy since she’s done this before. “I felt like last time I overpacked and I just packed all this stuff that I didn’t even use and was very unnecessary so these are the crucial things for me,” she said.

The fitness influencer announced her pregnancy in May, two months after tying the knot with the NFL star. Mahomes and Matthews started dating in high school and got engaged in 2020.



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