Police arrest nursery teacher for sexual molestation of minor in Borno

Police arrest nursery teacher for sexual molestation of minor in Borno
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Borno State Police Command has arrested a nursery teacher Aunty Zara, working with a private school Golden Olive in Maiduguri, for allegedly fingering a four-year old girl in Nursery 2.

Confirming the incident to journalists in an interview in Maiduguri, the Police Public Relations Officer, Sani Kamilu said “the case is with the police and definitely police are doing a thorough and objective investigation on the matter.”

“The moment we are done with our investigations, we will send it to the Directorate for Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice and recommendations, after which we will take it to court for further action.”

While answering the question, is it a case of sexual assault or what? Kamila said, “that it is the investigation that will reveal.”

“There is a medical report on that but there are some things that I can reveal to the public but when we are done with the investigation, and our investigation is very objective, we will get to the people, when it is over,” he said.

Tribune Online gathered that Zara’s arrest followed a petition, by the father of the pupil Malam Hassan Dala.

According to the victim, my daughter came back from school, the following morning when my wife was preparing her for school, my daughter complained to her mother that she was feeling pain in her private part that and we observed she had reddish-colored urine instead of the normal.

“I observed the strange discharge, I then rushed to the Miyatti hospital to check if it was an infection since it was rare for minors to manifest blood at such an early age.

“On reaching the hospital, it was discovered that she had been penetrated. And on inquiries, she opened up that it was her class teacher that curdled her inside the dark of her hijabs to commit the havoc.

“She said my teacher Malama Zara kept me inside her hijab after school on that day and asked me to suck her breasts while sitting on her lap.

“While I sucked her breasts she used her fingers to penetrate my private part.”

On discovery that his daughter was not ill afterward but obviously violated, Hassan in conjunction with his neighbors quickly reported the matter to the police Division at GRA near the Government house where the matter was taken up for prosecution under the new rape law.

Reactions from the human rights community

Head of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Borno state, Barrister Jumai Meshelia in a chat Friday evening said they were aware of the matter and would surely do the needful to ensure that the suspect is prosecuted according to the violence against person prosecution VAPP law.

She said that a minor of just 5 years of age should never be allowed to go through such kinds of physical or psychological injuries to herself.


Police arrest nursery teacher for sexual molestation of minor in Borno



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