Practices and Prayers for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan, Seeking Lailatul Qadr –

Practices and Prayers for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan, Seeking Lailatul Qadr –
– #Practices #Prayers #Nights #Ramadan #Seeking #Lailatul #Qadr – When the holy month of Ramadhan is about to end, usually everyone is looking for a lot Prayer for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan, because by praying that night, Allah SWT will immediately grant it, so if you are looking for this prayer, please look carefully at the following reviews.

It doesn’t realize that now it’s almost 22 days when we are all fasting and that means that now all Muslims are welcoming the night of Lailatul Qadar, which is one of the most awaited nights and is even the last 10 nights of the holy month of Ramadan.

You need to know how important it is for all of you to know what that night is like, because on that night there are a lot of practices that we have to do, moreover all of you carry out a worship then you will get a huge reward, exceeding a thousand months.

However, on that night, there is a practice that is very terrible, apart from Lailatul Qodar, and that practice can provide benefits and enjoyment for all of us in living life and performing worship.

So, if you are curious about all of these most special practices, let’s take a good look at our discussion below until the end, so that you are even more enthusiastic about undergoing worship and others.

Prayer for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

The night of Lailatul Qadar, is one of the moments that has the most mysteries of Allah which is rich in rewards and privileges, which is very big, it has even been mentioned in the Al-Quran, the virtue of this night is greater than a thousand months.

If we imagine how special the night of lailatul qodar is, so that Allah SWT keeps secret when exactly the night of lailatul qodar was revealed, and even Rosululloh SAW only gave the key word, that the night of lailatul qodar will descend on odd nights or dates in the last 10 of Ramadan .

And it has even been explained in the hadith, which was narrated by Imam Muslim from Aisyah Rodhiyallahu’anha, saying: “In the past Rasulullah SAW was earnest in the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan more than he was earnest in other days” (HR. Muslim and Ahmad).

And it has been explained again in another hadith, which was narrated by imam Al-Bukhari, and imam Muslim from the companion of Aisyah Rodhiyallahu’anha, said: “In the past, when the last 10 days had entered, the Prophet SAW would tighten his belt, turn on his nights, and wake up his family” (HR> Bukhari and Muslim)>

During that night, Rasulullah SAW greeted by remaining silent in the mosque, while meditating and reciting the Al-Quran, and would increase the reading of the universal prayer, one of the practices that he never stopped saying, and it sounded like this.

Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the punishment of the Fire


It means: “Oh God, give us good in this world, and give us good in the hereafter, and protect us from the torment of hellfire”. (QS. Al-Baqarah: 201).
In addition to the above prayers, on the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we should read a lot of Istigfar, ask for forgiveness and draw closer to Allah SWT. The recitation of the istighfar is as follows.

I ask forgiveness from God, the Great, who there is no god but He, the Living, the Eternal, and I repent to Him

Latin:”Astaghfirullah, Allah is the God of the righteous.”

Translation: “I ask forgiveness from Allah, the One who has no god but Him. The One Who Lives and Stands Alone. And I repent to Him.”

When we practice this prayer, there is a lot of meaning that we all ask Allah SWT and of course it must be accompanied by effort, as long as you know that people who read prayers don’t just ask, but you also have to try to achieve that goodness.

How to get the night of Lailatul Qadar?

Prayer for the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

To get the Lailatul Qadar Night, you have to do a lot, and God willing, when you are sincere because Allah does the practice, you will get the Lailatul Qadar night, so if you are curious what the deeds are, please you can see them immediately below.

1. Night Prayer

The first practice is night prayer, when the night of lailatul qodar you miss the night prayer, what a shame, because when all of you do the prayer, of course you will get a very large reward, and it could be that after the prayer you will get the night of lailatul qodar, and even already explained in the hadith that Rosululloh SAW once said.

“Whoever performs the night prayer on the night of Lailatul Qodar out of faith and hoping for a reward from God, then his past sins will be forgiven” (HR. Bukhari. no. 1901).

2. Give charity

Based on the Shari’a, almsgiving is giving out wealth for the benefit of something, and when discussing alms in fact it is not limited to material things, but also non-material ones such as amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar.

In the practice of the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, giving alms is one of the most important practices and this virtue is not only obtained for those who are giving alms, but can also be enjoyed by all those who receive it.

In other words, almsgiving not only brings us closer to God, but we will all gain relationships from fellow human beings, and apart from that, by increasing our almsgiving, we will all gain more position and wealth.

3. Increase the number of night prayers of Lailatul Qodar

The next practice is to pray more during the night of Lailatul Qadar, when we pray a lot and are consistent in carrying out something that has been ordered by Allah SWT, of course we will all get a very large reward.

And the reason for praying more has been explained in a hadith from Aisyah Rodhiyallahu ‘anha once asked Rasulullah SAW about the recitation of the Night of Qodar prayer like what to recite, then the prophet Muhammad SAW answered.

Oh God, you love cream amnesty amnesty forgive me

Allahumma Innaka ‘afuwwun thubbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anni

Meaning: “O Allah, indeed You are Forgiving and Most Merciful who loves forgiveness, so forgive me.”

The evidence from the prayer above is a hadith. The mother of Ummul Mu’minin Aisyah, may God bless her, tells the story:

I said: O Messenger of God, do you think that if I knew which night is Laylat al-Qadr, what would I say in it? He said: Say: O Allah, You are pardoning and love to pardon, so pardon me.

“I said: O Messenger of Allah, what do you think if I know what night is called Lailatul Qadr, what I read on it? He said: Say, “Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu ‘anni.” [Hr. At-Tirmidzi]


Maybe here is our discussion about the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan Prayer, hopefully it can be useful for all of you, and if you are looking for a practice on the night of Lailatul Qadar, please see it directly above.

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