Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid Battle Pass Rewards List And Price

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid Battle Pass Rewards List And Price
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With a revamped advancement system and a new-look combat pass, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid has become available.

Here’s how to complete the challenges to aid you on your journey as well as get all the goodies with the new pass.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid Battle Pass Rewards List, Price

Operation Solar Raid, the greatest update of 2022, is where Rainbow Six Year 7 comes to an end. The final update contains a tonne of promises that Ubisoft crammed in, and the battle pass wasn’t exempt from alterations.

The combat pass has traditionally been as simple as other games, despite how sophisticated Siege is. The developer is altering strategy, allowing players to progress through the combat pass in their own way and earn the rewards they care about more quickly.

The basic idea is the same: participate in the game and receive rewards. However, the evolution is different. We’ve got a summary of how the new battle pass functions, including all the rewards & challenges on offer, so read it before diving into Operation Solar Raid.

What is the price of the Solar Raid battle pass in Rainbow Six?

Despite all the modifications, Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Solar Raid battle pass will still include a Free and Premium pricing structure.

With the Free option, you can access any tier, but you won’t accrue any special incentives. You should pay for the Premium pass if you want all of the available rewards as well as some bonuses like bonus XP & early access to Solis.

1200 R6 Credits will buy you the platinum battle pass for Operation Solar Raid. Not only do you receive the abovementioned bonuses, but you also have access to everything along the road so you don’t have to bother about looking at fly-by prizes.

The Operation Solar Raid battle pass’s specific rewards are yet unknown. The typical assortment of R6 Credits, Alpha Packs, weapons skins, operator costumes and helmets, and more, will be available for purchase. In the most recent promotional video, particular operators including Aruni, Frost, Thunderbird, & Smoke were featured.

But the key point was how you got these benefits. You can sort of create your own battle passage instead of completing all the rewards from the battle pass in a straight line. By levelling up, you can acquire battle tokens that you can use to advance through your pass. You are free to veer off course at any time and start Day 1 going for the prizes you want.

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