Reason: Why Were Two Women Sue Elon Musk’s Twitter?

Reason: Why Were Two Women Sue Elon Musk’s Twitter?
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As we all know, things have been really rocky since Elon Musk took control of Twitter. Now, things are out of control because two women are suing the company to stop discriminatory layoffs. We all know that the IT sector is struggling as a result of the high number of employees that corporations are letting go and dismissing. Since no one has any control over this scenario since it could lead to a recession, two employees have now chosen to sue their former employers.

Former Workers Lawsuit Twitter of Elon Musk

Employees at Twitter believe that the company is no longer a safe place to work after Elon Musk was accused of subjecting them to unreasonable deadlines and long workdays. They believe that leaving this organisation early would be extremely advantageous for them. Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, paid 44 million dollars for the platform following his initial battle with Twitter. Initially, he tried to avoid the acquisition, but he was forced to make it. Follow For More Updates at

Why Did Elon Musk’s Twitter Sue Two Women?

Currently, he is attempting to fire 57% of the company’s female employees, which calls into doubt his intentions. At the beginning of the year, there were more than 7000 employees, but many of them have since left the company or have been sacked in various ways; 52% of them were men and 46% were women.

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The majority of individuals were engineers, and Elon Musk has not spoken out to address this issue. These two employees, who recently lost their jobs, are named Carolina Bernal Strifling and Willow Wren Turkal.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Reason: Two Women Are Being Sued

They are now speaking out about what is happening within the organisation, which is a very positive development. Everyone should be able to see the hiring decision-making process, which should be impartial. The only workers who should be retained as performing assets are the most productive ones, and it must be safe and nonbeneficial to everyone. Elon Musk frequently makes the news, whether favourably or unfavourably, and he now wants to fully revamp the platform and give it a new design. He wants to turn this into a place where anyone may express themselves freely. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

He also passed the $9/month Blue Tick Verification Subscription, which means that anyone can now purchase and get the ability to speak. According to numerous rumours, Elon Musk designated himself as the CEO of Twitter and is also the CEO of Tesla.

He is reportedly looking for a competitor for the self-driving car company, and there have been some fascinating comments made regarding the neural link. Only time will tell what he has in mind. And he has no problem teaching his kids that. Stay connected to our website till then as we will be back with additional updates.

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