Reddit user InsideLooking believed to be Bryan Christopher Kohberger leaving hints about the Idaho murders

Reddit user InsideLooking believed to be Bryan Christopher Kohberger leaving hints about the Idaho murders
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The first murder suspect in Idaho murder case was found on Friday, December 30. Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, was arrested in Pennsylvania and extradition proceedings are underway to bring him to Idaho with his alleged Reddit account now viral

Some Reddit users have now claimed to have discovered remarks supposedly made by Kohberger, in which he provides numerous clues as to the means by which the sad murder was carried out.

Social media user @Case Chaser allegedly posted evidence of his extensive participation in online debates about the murders in the form of screenshots taken from several Reddit forums.

Reddit user InsideLooking said to be Bryan Christopher Kohberger leaving hints about the Idaho murders

Social media users believe that Reddit user InsideLooking was indeed Kohberger because he described how the suspect could have approached the Idaho home through the “tree line” and parked his car behind the house. There was also a reference to a murder occurring between 3:20 and 3:40 in the morning, as seen in the screenshot. Another screenshot claims to show the suspect writing that the killer used a “sliding door” to enter and leave the building. A third tweet stated, “Nothing happened at Sigma Chi.” After being told, “You don’t know that for sure,” the respondent asserted, “Yeah I do.”

Also, in another discussion, the user contended that the killer couldn’t have entered the Idaho murder house through any of the two windows that were mentioned.

The user’s anxiety is evident in a number of the screenshots as he responds to the questions he is receiving on Reddit. In response to a question about the user’s location in a Reddit thread, the user said, “I am not giving any personal info out.”

Users accuse each other of playing a part in the crime

Someone asking the alleged perpetrator a question rephrased it as follows: “Well I guess I should better rephrase that, you seem to have a strong coincidence in your ‘speculation. You just seem to have a lot of info/speculation.”

When asked by another user why he made the change, the suspect allegedly said, “Yeah I have been bombarded with messages accusing me that I am the killer, people telling me they are going to tip me in, and people asking me for personal information. It is a bit comical but I am trying to be clear as possible that I am not the killer.”

A second user commented on the first user’s logic, saying, “Exactly what the killer would say.” Lastly, the suspect allegedly predicted his own arrest by saying, “This is how the murder suspect in Idaho will be caught,” as seen in another screenshot “They will find the car first. The suspect will be announced and then the manhunt begins.”

It was previously reported by authorities that Kohberger had previously resided in Pullman, Washington prior to his relocation to Pennsylvania. The Washington State University student was apprehended six weeks after the alleged deaths of the four victims on November 13, 2022, more than 2,500 miles from the place of the murder.

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