REPORT: Trump Not Returning To Twitter Or Facebook; NBC Distorted Story

REPORT: Trump Not Returning To Twitter Or Facebook; NBC Distorted Story
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CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group Devin Nunes claimed on Friday that rumors of former president Donald Trump’s return to Facebook and Twitter are untrue. Following the riot on January 6, 2021, at the US Capitol, Trump was barred from using both social media networks; ever since, he has only used his Truth Social platform. On Nov. 19, Twitter restored his account, and according to reports, his campaign has petitioned Facebook’s parent company Meta to do the same.

Later, on Wednesday, NBC News reported that “Trump is attempting to retake control of his formidable social media channels.” Trump has no plans to return to Facebook and Twitter, according to Nunes, a former California U.S. representative, who appeared on “The Chris Salcedo Show.”


“If President Trump was going to return to any such other social media platform, he probably would have posted on Truth Social first, and probably the last people that he would tell it to would be phony NBC News,” added Nunes.

“I only recently spent the day with President Trump. Truth Social appeals to him. He doesn’t want to use Twitter again.”

Nunes claimed that NBC distorted the story by collecting information from the Trump campaign, which does not speak for the outgoing presidentcreating a petition with Meta, and turning it into a tale about the outgoing president resuming his use of Facebook and Twitter.

This is the ruse that false news purveyors use, Nunes said. “They extend something that just has a little fraction of the truth into a story that they want to promote for the day.

“And what transpired in this instance is that the Trump campaign, which is distinct from President Trump, has stated, “Look, we’re trying to run a political campaign here, and we need our accounts back because all the other campaigns will have accounts on all these, all of these other social media networks.”

“It wasn’t even Twitter; nonetheless, they now claim that President Trump is returning to Twitter after taking that information into account. And even that wasn’t a part of the full situation.”


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