SiMontok APK Without VPN Download Latest Version 2022 Free –

SiMontok APK Without VPN Download Latest Version 2022 Free –
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SiMontok APK Tanpa VPN – Along with the rapid development of technology, it is increasingly easy for us to access entertainment content according to our preferences on the internet.

Entertainment content for everyone is also different, some like game content, tutorial content.

But there are also people who seek entertainment by watching content made especially for old people.

So, if you are listed in the last type of Simontok APK, this is an application for you.

What is the Simotok APK application?

Simontok APK 2022 is a special application for the aged because the videos here are not suitable for children under the age.

Usually, accessing this kind of content requires VPN support so that it is not blocked by state regulations.

However, fortunately the Simontok application can be accessed without a VPN, which will continue to make it easier for you to access the content in it.

Simontok is a content provider web that is old at first, but they have developed and made an application version of the web.

This is what makes it easier for users to access content on Simontok APK 2022.

With this application, you don’t need to type in the web address you want and you just have to open the application.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to activate the VPN to access the Simontok application content.

As soon as you enter, you can immediately enjoy the content that you enjoy directly without being hindered by Indonesian government regulations.

Simontok is an application that prioritizes comfort for its users.

In the Simontok download there are various genres of aged content that you can enjoy.

I know that everyone has their own preferences, and with your style you can also freely explore new things that you may have never discovered.

Not only are there many genres that you can choose from, the amount of content on Simontok also has thousands of videos for each genre.

It’s no wonder why many people are looking for the Simontok application for their entertainment solution. And maybe you are one of these people.

Because many people want this application, this time I will share the download link for the Simontok application, which you can download and install very easily.

You cannot download the Simontok APK via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Because there are some rules in the Simontok application that do not match the policies of the two formal application providers.

Formal app providers prohibit developers from making apps aged for display on their platforms.

This policy was made because the two application provider platforms realized that not all users were old enough to access aged content.

Pretty good policy, to be sure. Even so, you can always access old content through other application provider websites like this website.

Feature Simontok APK

simontok apk

1. No Need VPN

Using a VPN to access content will definitely be a heavy burden for users.

Because with an active VPN, our internet speed will automatically slow down because we have to connect to a server outside the country.

So, if you download the Simontok APK without VPN, you can immediately access old videos as soon as you open the Simontok APK application.

That way you don’t have to bother opening the VPN application, activating it and returning to the application you want to go to.

Simontok APK without VPN is an application for you who don’t like complicated things and like things that are instant and simple.

2. Video Full HD

Watching in low quality will definitely interfere with our enjoyment of watching the video content we want.

Simontok APK has HD quality for every video. So you can watch the video you want well and have fun.

3. Light Application

You don’t need to be afraid that this application will fill up your cellphone memory, because the download size of the Simontok APK 2022 application is relatively small. Isn’t that amazing?

Despite the large amount of content in the Simontok APK, the developer continues to make this application as small as possible without reducing the user’s enjoyment.

4. There are no advertising constraints

We are often bothered by the presence of advertisements on the applications we use.

Even though we know it benefits developers, sometimes ads discourage us from using the app.

But with the latest Simontok APK, you don’t need to be afraid, because this application has been modified so that it doesn’t display advertisements that are sure to annoy you.

5. Lots of Local as well as International Videos

For you lovers of local content, the latest Simontok APK is the best option for you.

Here you can enjoy local video content from various genres and types with high quality.

Of course this will increase your enjoyment of watching the videos here.

Advantages of Simontok Apk

  • Interesting videos are always updated every day.
  • Videos are presented in HD resolution.
  • There are videos from Indonesia and abroad such as Japan.
  • There are various premium television channels.

Download Simontok APK No VPN Latest version 2022

Application Name SiMontok APK
Version 2.3
Size 6 MB
OS 5.0 or more

This Simontok apk has very small dimensions when compared to similar applications.

So you don’t need to be afraid of making your Android smartphone heavy or laggy after installing this Simontok application.

Please download the file HERE.

Download also:

How to install the Simontok application

  1. Open the settings on your Android phone
  2. After that, select Security & Personal as well as security selection
  3. Next, allow the installation of unknown applications by clicking the ON button or checking Unknown Sources
  4. After that allow install from unknown sources
  5. Download the simontok apk file on the link that has been presented by Download above.
  6. Wait until the installation process ends and the selection ends.


Here you can not only download the Simontok APK, but there are many applications that you can download and play. You can access many applications of all types.

You want to watch movies or series, you want a modified game application.

Or you also want to download applications that are not available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can create all types of applications on the website.



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