Site & Application Edit Photos Into Premium Cartoons Viral Mod Version on Tiktok –

Site & Application Edit Photos Into Premium Cartoons Viral Mod Version on Tiktok –
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Photo Editing Applications Into Cartoons – Nowadays anything can be done without a doubt, for example in the past when we wanted to change the background of a photo we had to go to the studio.

Now, as internet technology develops, you can do it yourself at home using a smartphone or PC.

Well, here we will provide information on How to Turn a Photo Into a Cartoon Online. So here change it automatically without someone’s help and you don’t have to pay for it.

About the application to edit photos into cartoons

Surely all of you have ever opened social media and seen someone turning their photo into a cartoon online? And it is very cute and interesting. Yes, the name is also a cartoon, right? especially if the cartoon is similar to our face, it will be more interesting to change it.

There are 2 steps to converting photos into cartoons online, namely by online and offline. For online methods, you can connect to certain sites that have been provided by technology experts. So you don’t need to spend your quota to download the application, and it’s also easy to use.

Meanwhile, to turn photos into online cartoons offline can be done with softwear applications, cellphones and so on. like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Since editing photos using this application is very complicated, because it requires time and good editing skills. therefore we will provide 5 websites that provide online photo editing to cartoons.

Recommended sites for editing photos into cartoons online

Now, the easiest way to change your face photos like cartoons or anime is then you can use online cartoon photo editing sites, which I will provide a list like the following.

1. is a website that can turn your photos into cartoon characters. Its use is also very easy for those of you who are just experiencing the world of editing. This happens because toonme will automatically turn your photos into cartoons.

You can use it for free, this is why many people use toonme to edit their photos into cartoons.

If opening a website for you is complicated, then you can download it in the Play Store or App Store application.


Sketchmyphoto is a website that offers photo editing features to become sketches automatically. This site is often used by people to edit their photos into sketches.

But if you want to edit your photos using Sketchmyphoto, it would be nice to use a laptop or computer so that the results are maximized.

Sketchmyphoto also has two features, namely printing service and digital service. There are several features that use a prepaid system. If you want to use these features for free, you must have a skatchmyphoto premium account.


Lunapic is a website that has existed for a long time and many have used photo editing using this site.

Lunapic also has a website appearance and attractive features, this site really takes care of the comfort of its users by updating its features.

Your photo will change automatically, for example when you want to edit your photo like a cartoon and you only need to select the “Effect” menu and click “Cartoon” after that your photo will change like a cartoon. It’s easy?

4. is a well-known website that provides automatic photo editing features such as cartoons. There are 3 features available on this website, namely Cartoon 1, Cartoon 3, and Comic.

When you visit this website you can select the “Cartoonize” menu and on that menu you can choose the features you like. For example, selecting “Cartoon 1” and clicking “select file” to enter the photo you want to turn into a cartoon.

Please visit the official website at

5. Cartoonize

Cartoonize is a website that provides photo editing and has interesting features to beautify your photos.

One of its features is that it can turn photos into cartoons automatically. Cartoonize has a lot of effects so you won’t get bored with the editing process.

But there are some effects that require you to upgrade your cartoonize account first. If you want to edit a photo using cartoonize. You can visit it on the website.

Photo editing application becomes an anime cartoon

Apart from using the web to be able to edit a photo, you can also do it using an application that is already available in the Play Store. Come on, here’s a list of applications for editing photos into cartoons:

1. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is actually a photo editing application that generally prioritizes collage photo editing. But the photo grid also provides a photo editing feature to become a cartoon.

This application provides effects and some of the popular ones are comic book, sketch, 8-bit, cheris and so on.

So there are lots of effects provided by the photo grid so you can freely try them one by one. This application is available on Android phones, iPhones, PCs, and laptops.

You can download this application on the Play Store for those using Android devices, the photo grid will not burden the performance of your cellphone capacity because it only has a size of 24 MB.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is an application for editing photos into 3D cartoons that has a simple interface, but has an extraordinary editing display.

You can take photos directly using this application or you can also choose from the gallery to be able to turn your photos into cartoons.

This app features filters that can make your photos look like a real cartoon. For example, like watercolor filters, posters, and pencils. Interesting right?

3. MomentCam

Momentcam is a photo editing application used by the old Android operating system. But momentcam has a significant change so now there are lots of new features.

The hallmark of Momentcam from the past is that it can turn photos into funny caricatures. And also provides many caricature templates. even though the size is relatively small but the results will not disappoint.

You can download it on the play store app for free.

4. Zapeto

Zapeto is an application that was launched in 2018 and has taken the virtual world by storm. And now this application has changed and can turn your photos into cartoons.

You can make a 3d avatar directly from your own photo with a variety of customizations that have been provided.

The latest version of the zapeto application can now make your own ARmoji like the famous Animoji on iPhone devices. You can directly download it in the play store application.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

picsArt Photo studio is a photo editing application that has been well known from the past until now. PicsArt is still the best photo editing application on Android devices.

There are lots of features available in this application, one of which can turn photos into cartoons. And you can choose the filter according to your own wishes.

Not only that, but there are still many artistic filters that you can try, for example, watercolor, comic, cartoonizer which can turn your photos into cartoons.

PicsArt is equipped with other photo editing tools to suit your needs. You can download it in the play store app.

The final word

Now we no longer need to edit cartoon photos manually because now there are many websites and applications that provide automatic editing of photos into cartoons.

Thus the information on the Viral Mod Version of the Photo Editing Application Into a Cartoon on Tiktok that can convey as well as how to Convert a Photo Into a Cartoon Online, I hope this article is useful. That’s all and thank you.



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