SRIS Apk To Facilitate Outlets Selling Smartfren Products –

SRIS Apk To Facilitate Outlets Selling Smartfren Products –
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SRIS Apk or an abbreviation of Smart Retail Information System is a setting method owned by the Smartfren provider. Where users can manage services using this one option.

Interestingly, this method has been launched in the form of an application that you can definitely download to Android. so, you won’t be confused to access the application when you need the service.

Actually, each card provider clearly has this similar service, but with a different name and system. You only need to adjust the method of using each service.

However, as a Smartfren card user, you can download the SRIS Apk application to maximize it. Moreover, to download it you can use the link we provide.

So, you don’t need to look for references on other websites to have this application. Because we will review this application in full and you don’t need to leave our website.

The purpose of launching the SRIS application is to target Smartfren credit outlet owners. To make it easier to help customers activate their starter pack numbers or buy credit.

You can open and use support from applications made by PT. Smartfren Telecom, Tbk. Where you will find it easier because there are many excellent features in the application.

Using this application, of course, you will be able to claim sales incentives faster. So, if you are a Smartfren card seller, you should try the SRIS application on Android.

What is the Latest SRIS Smartfren Apk 2023?

As explained earlier, SRIS Apk stands for Smart Retail Information System. Where this application is a product specifically designed for Smartfren outlets.

You can do many things using this one application. such as managing Smartfren pulse services, telephone calls, SMS, internet quota, transaction history, top up balances, and so on.

So as an outlet or credit counter owner, you can use this application. The goal is to make it easier for you to activate customers, claim incentives, and purchase credit.

Using this application will not be difficult for you to do, because it looks very simple. So you will easily understand what you have to do when using it.

This will really help you in accessing it for activities such as registering a new card, transferring Smartfren pulses, and others. That’s why this application is selling well in the market.

Because its main function is to perform various special services for Smartfren users. Even though you can’t actually find this application on official providers such as the Play Store.

However, you don’t need to worry, because you can download this application via the link we provide. So, there will be no difficulties at all for you to use this one application.

What’s more, this application is also supported by lots of excellent features that you can rely on at any time. Then what are the features in this application? See the full explanation below!

Many of the Latest SRIS Apk 2023 Featured Features

As already explained, that the SRIS Apk application has added many excellent features. You can use it to make the method of using this application easier.

Some of the features in question are:

  1. Easy to use – You can use the SRIS application easily without any problems. Because inside it is equipped with a toggle bar to make it easier for each user.
  2. light capacity – This application also has a lightweight capacity so it won’t burden your cellphone. So, you can download and install it on your device without any problems.
  3. Smartfren agent only – The purpose of launching this application is to make it easier for every Smartfren agent. Users can take advantage of the functions of this application to maximize every Smartfren service.
  4. Android Compatible – As we have explained many times on the above page. That this application has good compatibility to be installed on various Android devices.
  5. Help with credit purchases – You can take advantage of the function of this one application to purchase credit. You will find it easier to use various services including M-Banking or E-Wallet services in the application.
  6. Help buy internet packages – Application users can maximize services for data package transactions. You can even understand how to use this application on your Android phone.
  7. No Ads – Each user can also easily operate and rely on the application. Moreover, when using this application you will not be disturbed by various advertisements that come one after another.

Of all the advantages that every user of this application can feel. So it’s only natural that you are interested in having it so you can take advantage of all the main functions of the application.

For that, we also don’t forget to include an application download link that you can use easily and safely. So that you are not even more curious, then see and use the download link below.

Specifications and download links for SRIS Apk Smartfren

We need to remind you that before downloading the SRIS Apk application to your device. Then you have to adjust the storage space first on Android.

So that when you install it later, your Android application and cellphone can be used optimally. This means that application adjustments also affect the performance of the cellphone you are using.

Because if the cellphone is too crowded, various things can occur which become an obstacle. For that, you can listen to the explanation of this application before downloading.

App name SRIS Apk
Application updates 2022 – 2023
Application developer PT. Smartfren Telecom, Tbk
OS minimum Android 5.0 or higher
Application version Latest V 1.0.1 Apk
Application file capacity 4 MB
Download link “Here”

So, downloading this application is actually very easy for anyone to do. You only need to press once on the download link in the information table above.

Then follow all the directions given by the operator until the download process is complete. However, you will not find a download link for this application on the official Play Store provider.

For that, please follow the following download method:

  • Hit the download link in the top table.
  • Follow all instructions given.
  • Make sure files already downloaded to Android memory.
  • Save files in a different folder.
  • Download application files have done it.

How to Manually Install SRIS Apk for Android

After downloading, you can continue installing the application manually. So that you don’t get confused, you just follow the installation instructions that have been shared below.

  • Enter the menu setting >> enable security >> enable unknown sources >> install file >> open and run >> install complete.

How to Register on SRIS Apk

To expedite the use of the application, you must immediately log in. This is necessary, so that the application can be opened and used easily.

  • Open the application.
  • Continue with the content data Frontliner.
  • Fulfill all conditions and conditions.
  • Quick IMSI verification with the number sent to the HP.
  • Use user and password to log in.
  • Login and Enter the token code.
  • Process done.


Download the SRIS Apk application from the download link that we provide above to make it faster and easier. Then use this application according to its main function.

Hope it is useful!

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