Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money All Skins (Hack Menu) Terbaru –

Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money All Skins (Hack Menu) Terbaru –
– #Super #Sus #Mod #Apk #Unlimited #Money #Skins #Hack #Menu #Terbaru – It is undeniable that many people are waiting for the Super Sus Mod Apk with the latest version, now there is good news for those who are waiting because the new version 1.24 has been released.

Previously the Super Sus modification game came with version 1.23, now the developer or developers are upgrading it to be even better to 1.24.

Then what exactly is the difference between version 1.23 and 1.24? In the latest update, the developer has added features in the Super Sus Mod Apk game, such as unlocked all features.

As we know, if this gameplay is an online game that can be played in groups, even up to 9 people can join and together complete missions from Super Sus.

The mission of this game is that you have to assemble airplane parts with friends online, but you need to know that there are so many people working, of course one of them becomes a cheater and thwarts the mission.

Super Sus is an interesting game and you need to try it, because you can feel that you are part of an airplane crew, even the visuals are very similar so it looks more real.

Review Super Sus Mod

Game Super Sus Mod Apk has a fairly good quality airplane crew theme, because it has been equipped with a complete set of interesting features such as unlocked, free money and others.

You will be provided with a lot of money to buy components or other needs, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money. Because the mod apk version has provided unlimited money.

Meanwhile, how to play Super Sus is also relatively easy, because it has a very simple menu, like sliding sideways to select it.

There are lots of features that you must try when playing the Super Sus Mod Apk game, including unlimited money or free elimination duration.

To see and be able to enjoy the completeness of what features are provided in Super Sus Mod 1.24. the following information.

Features of Super Sus Mod Apk

Features of Super Sus Mod Apk

The features contained in version 1.24 are not much different from its predecessor, namely 1.23, but in the latest version, maybe it is even more optimized from the quality of the gameplay.

There are also several additional items such as the Super Pass which is an additional value in the latest version, here is a review of the Super Sus Mod Apk 1.24 feature.

1. Free Super Pass

An interesting thing when playing with mod apk is that it’s easier to get something you need, such as the Super Pass in the Super Sus game.

If we compare it with the original version, you have to buy it with a large amount of money, so with the help of the Super Pass apk, you can have it for free.

2. Unlimited Money

In this game, the need for money in the game is really needed in order to support the game. So, in the super version of Sus Mod Apk, this game is equipped with unlimited money.

You won’t run out of money playing Super Sus even if you keep buying. because money will automatically increase by itself.

3. Unlocked All Skin

Then, the next feature is unlocked all skin, you can already unlock all existing skins, on the other hand, the original version is usually locked because it can only be opened after reaching a certain level.

In the Super Sus Mod Apk game, almost all features have been unlocked, so you can freely complete missions and find impostor to throw them into outer space.

4. No Ads

When playing games, lots of advertisements will appear which will be uncomfortable and of course interfere with our performance. But luckily this version has minimal adsense so it doesn’t interfere with the Super Sus game.

As we know this feature without ads is in the Pro version which is a paid game. But it’s different with this application, all you have to do is download the apk and enjoy the free Super Sus Mod premium service.

5. Support Voice Messages

Super Sus Mod is an online game that is played in groups, of course it requires communication between players with one another. Therefore the developer provides voicemail features.

You can send messages using voice or invoices to communicate with your playmates in the Super Sus Mod Apk. This service will be very enjoyable, because it can be easier to carry out consultations to complete missions.

6. Auto and Vote

When playing with 9 people in different locations, a tool is needed to be able to do metering, the tool is called Auto and Vote.

This Auto and Vote feature is already available in the mod apk version 1.24. The goal is to provide live or direct communication services to people who take part in the Super Sus Mod Apk game at the same time.

7. Auto Impostor

When you want to become an Impostor in Super Sus Mod Apk, it’s very easy, because you don’t need to select a role, you can do it right away. However, the type of Impostor is different depending on luck.

For Impostors, it is usually chosen just before starting the game, the apk will determine it automatically or randomly, so anyone has a chance.

8. Elimination Without Duration

Especially for cheaters who will eliminate other players, it can be done without the need to think about the time duration.

If you play a game with a time limit, the chances of winning are smaller, and if the time runs out, you can be eliminated.

Fortunately, this third party developer provides freedom to play by disabling the duration so that players can be more relaxed.

9. Unlimited Cookies

The existence of the Unlimited Cookies feature will help each player and make it look easier to decorate the game. Like, changing the shape or size of the card can also be done without any restrictions.

10. Lighting Distance

In outer space, it is necessary to have light to see the situation outside the aircraft. In the latest feature, you can make various lighting settings so that your vision is seen more clearly.

As for the impostor, the light setting feature service feels more helpful in his work to find other players and be eliminated until the game is over.

11. Unlock All Karakter

Each player has provided a character, but unfortunately the number is limited. Because it has to be gradual in order to open everything.

It’s different with the mod apk version, there are no obstacles to unlocking all the characters so you can freely choose what you want.

Those are the features that are currently in the latest version of Super Sus Mod Apk, you can get all of them for free without having to pay like a premium application.

Download the Latest Super Sus Mod Apk 2022

Download the Latest Super Sus Mod Apk 2022

On this occasion, we will provide a link along with ways to download Super Sus Mod Apk with version 1.24 or the latest version.

The following information about capacities such as size, OS support and the game developer Super Sus Mod Apk can be seen in full in the table below.

No Super Sus Mod Apk New Version
Version 1.24 New 2022
Size 145 MB
Support Os Android 5+ Up
Developer Game Adviser

Face Install Super Sus Mod Apk

Face Install Super Sus Mod Apk

After downloading, it’s only time to install the application, because this is an application developed by a third party, of course, the way to install it is different compared to the original application.

Here’s how

  1. First, after successfully downloading the Super Sus Mod Apk, please check the storage space, is there enough RAM left?
  2. Once there, please click install
  3. The apk installation process will run, however, previously you will get a warning from an unknown source, just select allow
  4. If it has been allowed, the process will continue again
  5. Wait until the process is complete
  6. After the application is installed, you can immediately play it

Thus was the tutorial on how to install an application that has been developed by a third party.

How to Play Super Sus Mod on Android

How to Play Super Sus Mod on Android

First, after completing the installation, you must first create an account for the identity of the Super Sus game ID.

Then, choose the type of game, either easy, medium or difficult. Please specify one of them, then click play and select matic, then you will be sent to the spaceship.

When using the spaceship, the game mission begins, namely having to find the Impostor and destroy it, before that you will choose a random player.

Apart from dealing with Impostors, you are also dealing with duration, but when using this application, you don’t need to think about it because it already has an Unlimited feature.

In your spaceship you play with lots of friends, please communicate if you have something to talk about with the other players directly or voice notes.

The difference between Super Sus Mod vs Original

The difference between Super Sus Mod vs Original

If you look at it from a game standpoint, it’s definitely the same thing that distinguishes it from the completeness of the features it has. To know the difference. The following table of differences that we have prepared.

Super Sus Original Super Sus Mod Apk
For pro features such as paid golden star All premium features Free
There is an ad display There are no ads in the game
Super Pass is not free or paid Can get super pass for free
Many features are still locked All existing features can be played because it is equipped with all features unlocked
Must collect money to buy items Free to choose items as you like because you have unlimited money
Can only be played online Can be played both online and offline

Security Using Super Sus Mod Apk

Security Using Super Sus Mod Apk

Talking about security, Super Sus Mod Apk is very safe to use by Android with OS 5 specifications and above.

Game Super Sus Mod Apk is included in the game with a heavy category because it has a size of more than 100MB so only OS 5.0 can run this gameplay.

Actually, it can be installed on Android 4.4, but it’s definitely burdensome and the performance isn’t like OS 5.O, so instead, first look at the capacity of your cellphone specifications.

Most users just install the apk without paying attention to OS Support information or memory capacity so that the game being played feels heavy and slow.

However, if it complies with the Support specifications, there will be no interruptions when playing games. It’s just that the Super Sus game is played online, so you must provide a good internet connection to run smoothly.

Conclusion and Closing

The conclusion of this game application is that there are various advantages when compared to the original version. Especially in terms of features, it is far superior to the mod version than the original.

So, if you want to try, you can directly visit the link that we have provided above.



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