The 21st November 2022 Written Update Episode: Jasmine Remembers Tejo

The 21st November 2022 Written Update Episode: Jasmine Remembers Tejo
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Hello, all the daily soap lovers, we are back with exclusive updates of your favorite TV drama “Udaariyaan” as the Monday, 21st November 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with such activities which will make you feel over the top for sure. As Jasmine has taken place in the Rupi’s house and first she met Nehmat as she spontaneously bumped into her car and got shocked to see her after so many years. As they were not expecting this from her, even a similar reaction came out from Jasmine as she wanted to see Naaz first.

Udaariyaan 21st November 2022 Written Update Episode

Udaariyan 21st November 2022 Written Update

Inwardly, she thinks that now as she has come back so everything is under her control as she is holding the rope of all those crucial points which will be proven beneficial for her, and she can lose and tight grip on the rope as well. In short, she will prove that still she is handling everything like she used to handle 16 years ago because, she did not change as the heat of time prepared her to face all circumstances. So now, she will make sure that everyone dances at her fingertips at her daughter’s wedding along with her.

Meanwhile, she sees the Gurudwara where she used to come with Tejo and they spent quality time together but now she is no longer among them, which is a matter of great grief. In short, her old wounds are getting revived again as the memories are hitting her face hard in a certain manner she did not even imagine.

Thus, she asks the driver to stop the car for a while as she wants to listen to Gurbani because everything has changed besides the holy sound. All the past scenes are roaming in front of her eyes along with the moments in which she lived with Amrik and her close ones.

After a while, Nehmat asks Advait to meet her as soon as possible because she wants to talk to him immediately, he comes and asks what happened so without thinking even once she starts blaming Advait for the leaked article. She says that he also knows about the article so why he leaked that on social media, Advait gets shocked and says that he did not do anything as he was with her at Shimla when the scandal occurred and slams her as well meanwhile Ekam sees her with Advait and his anger enhances. So watch it on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast.



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