The Callisto Protocol update 3.01 patch notes and new features

The Callisto Protocol update 3.01 patch notes and new features
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The Callisto Protocol first significant update has already been released, and it includes New Game Plus, a cure for the PlayStation Trophies exploit, and several other bug fixes, know the update 3.01 patch notes

The Callisto Protocol now has New Game Plus mode, which was first scheduled to be released in February. Now, when a player enters a new game, they immediately have access to all of their upgrades, credits, and weapons when they reach the first Reforge station in their second run. This implies individuals who wish to play the game again won’t have to put in the effort to unlock everything again.

Along with fixing a bug that made it simpler to earn trophies on the PlayStation version of the game, the 3.01 patch also includes several additional bug fixes and enhancements. More improvements are anticipated in February and for the remainder of 2023.

The Callisto Protocol update today 3.01 patch notes and new features

Patch notes for Callisto Protocol update 3.01

The complete patch notes for Callisto Protocol version 3.01 are provided below:

New Game Plus

  • After the patch, players who have previously finished the game will have access to NewGame+.
  • Restarting the application might be needed.
  • needs an active save file from when the game was finished.


  • The achievement for “The Protocol is About Life” was not properly awarded to some users until the problem was fixed.
  • New Game Plus was added. To access New Game Plus and transfer your pressure to a new save, finish the game. At the first battle, all equipment, improvements, and Callisto Credits Reforge
  • general platform-wide performance improvements
  • No longer do players sustain damage while jumping over barriers
  • several bugs were fixed that might have caused surroundings to stream out and allowed Jacob to fall through the earth when certain camera angles or advancement paths were taken.
  • Check for consistency to ensure that shelves, lockers, and cabinets display properly in high contrast mode.
  • Across localised languages, voice levelling and subtitle mismatch adjustments.


  • Fixed low-frequency crash during the Two Head duel in the Tunnels level.
  • The Interact/Pickup input has been assigned to the Skip Cinematics button.
  • Long-standing issue with Ray-Traced Shadows in the main menu has been resolved.
  • prevented several area transitions from displaying the mouse pointer.


  • When Jacob and Dani are speaking, Snowcat’s low-frequency crash has been fixed.

That concludes our information on the Callisto Protocol content roadmap. Check out the home page for additional content, extra guides and details on this exciting science-fiction adventure.


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