The Lana Rhoades Interview

The Lana Rhoades Interview
Lana Rhoades is one of the top adult stars in the world. I got her in the studio along with my lovely girlfriend Lena The Plug for a very real chat. Enjoy!

2:35 regular day

3:14 growing up

5:47 being a stripper before porn

16:44 getting into porn

20:19 first porn scenes

24:26 being a bad kid sucking dick in ihop

27:50 quitting porn and coming back

29:10 beef with porn stars

30:26 not doing drugs cookie story

33:33 eatting ass

35:34 removing breast implants

38:33 doing premium snap

40:11 breaking her ass

42:43 Riley reed

27:50unfairness in porn

45:49 making more money than her husband

59:06 having a kid


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The Lana Rhoades Interview
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