The Latest 11 Best NDS Games with Good Graphics of All Time in 2023 –

The Latest 11 Best NDS Games with Good Graphics of All Time in 2023 –
– #Latest #NDS #Games #Good #Graphics #Time – Are you looking for the Best NDS Game? If yes then you are in a very right place. Because here we will provide some recommendations for very popular NDS games.

Nintendo, a company engaged in the field of game consoles, often makes achievements in the form of slick innovations. Since its inception, this company has released lots of game consoles along with interesting games that have captivated gamers of their time.

There are several consoles from Nintendo, namely the Nintendo Emulation System (NES), Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and many more. However, one of Nintendo’s revolutionary consoles is the Nintendo Dual Screen or NDS for short.

NDS is a revolution of a portable console in its time. Comes with two screens, NDS provides a much different game playing experience compared to the previous console and competing consoles such as the Sony PSP.

The NDS console is also a console with strong power so it can play heavy games and use two screens as graphic displays. It’s an overkill innovation.

The heyday of the Nintendo DS is long gone, but gamers who have owned this console and played it must have had fun memories because the games on the NDS were really fun.

In fact, some of these games are what make people flock to buy Nintendo DS. Intrigued by the game? Let’s talk about the Nintendo DS and its legendary games in the review below.

NDS Games, One of the Kings of Portable Consoles

Nintendo launched an innovation that had never existed before in the gaming industry, namely a portable console with two screens. It sounds strange, what is a console with two screens for? Don’t big consoles like Sony Play Station 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii only need one screen?

However, because of its uniqueness, the Nintendo DS came up with a lot of hype. Gamers who are curious then buy this console and try to play it.

The result? Unexpected. Players feel a new experience in playing games, and this is because one of the Nintendo DS screens is a touch screen or Touch Screen. Equipped with a stylus, players can give direct touch to the game by touching the second screen of this console.

Of course, with two screens like this, gamers can easily multi-task. No need to open the Inventory manually, no need to open the Map by pressing the “Start” button first, and no need to bother scrolling using buttons because there is a stylus that is very reliable.

List of the Most Popular Legendary NDS Games

Even though it comes with uncommon innovations, fortunately consoles like this come out with many games that are also innovative in using the Dual Screen feature so that these games also become legends and gain fantastic profits in their time.

If we have to discuss what games get the title of “Best Game” on the Nintendo DS, of course we will be very difficult. Considering the games on this console are games that get a lot of praise from the players. Therefore, we will describe it with a list. Here is a list of the best legendary Nintendo DS games:

1. Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, and all Pokemon Original Series

Best NDS Games

The best NDS game of all time in the first discussion in 2021 is the Pokemon game, where all types of games are one of the best Nintendo DS games.

Yes, almost all of the Pokemon series on the Nintendo DS are worthy and recommended to be played if the game is an original series. Pokemon games have become Nintendo’s spearhead since Gameboy was released and on the Nintendo DS, Pokemon Black is one of the best games on this console.

Catching monsters on the Nintendo DS is very exciting and the battle is also more interesting with the second screen system as a place to choose orders and Move sets.

2. Mario Kart DS

Best NDS Games

Who says racing or racing games can’t be fun games? Mario Kart DS is one example of the success of the game with the Racing genre which has been very successful in gaining players’ interest.

With the character Mario and his friends, they compete with each other for speed to reach the finish line. That is it? Certainly not. This game provides various items that can help players increase their speed or “disturb” other racers so that they have difficulty reaching the finish line.

3. Chrono Trigger

Touted as the best RPG game on the Nintendo DS, this game comes with an exciting adventure through the time dimension to save the people closest to the main character of this game.

The combination of Active Time Battle and Tech skills makes this game interesting and the story presented is no less interesting to watch. This game is one of the games that reminds the minds of Nintendo DS gamers because the plot and story of the game are legendary.

4. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is indeed a game series that is popular because of the freedom it offers in the open world. But unfortunately, the GTA series on the previous Nintendo console, Gameboy Advanced, did not live up to gamers’ expectations.

Fortunately, this best GTA game on NDS has a good game and reputation. GTA on the Nintendo DS has semi-cartoon 3D graphics that make it even more interesting. With NDS, the excitement of GTA can be enjoyed on two screens and can be played anywhere.

5. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Again, Mario, one of the characters that seems destined to become a mascot in every Nintendo game console. Mario & Luigi are working together again in solving the puzzles in this stage.

Mario and Luigi have separate storylines and both struggle to get out of Bowser. Yep, you read that right, get out of Bowser. This game also has hilarious dialogue so players won’t get bored while playing it.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Best NDS Games

The Zelda series is also a legendary game from the Nintendo console, so The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is also one of the legendary games on the NDS. This game tells about Link’s struggle to save Tetra who fell into danger when Tetra tried to explore the alien ship alone and Link fell into the ocean.

With the help of the stylus, Link’s movement becomes very easy and players can pave the way for boomerang weapons that can reach difficult places.

7. Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars Dual Strike

This game is a continuation of the Advance Wars game series and is centered on a new story. The game’s new commander is required to fight off the onslaught of the Black Hole Army’s relentless invasion of the world.

With two screens, the attacks made by players become easier because players can still pay attention to the battlefield while watching the battle of two war units from each side.

8. The World Ends With You

Best NDS Games

Square Enix is ​​famous for the innovation it offers in its games, and The World Ends With You is one of them. This game requires players to use both controls, namely the stylus and physical buttons.

For some people, games like this are not easy and look very troublesome. But for some other people, games like this are actually very fun. And don’t be surprised if this game is finally one of the top NDS games.

9. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

It may sound strange, but this one game presents a unique gameplay and story. Who ever thought that being a lawyer in a game was so exciting? Perhaps no one ever thought so until that person played Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney.

By choosing the right choices, choosing convincing dialogue, and describing the evidence from the crime scene, you can show who the real perpetrators are and defeat the alibis of the criminals in front of you.

10. Kirby Canvas Curse

Kirby Canvas Curse

Kirby is one of the most popular characters from Nintendo because of his cute character design and extraordinary abilities. Kirby’s ability is to suck objects through the mouth and Kirby will have the characteristics of the objects he sucks.

But this time, Kirby doesn’t have that ability. On the Nintendo DS, Kirby is present in the game Kirby Canvas Curse which focuses on the use of a stylus because Kirby in this game has no other limbs other than a ball-shaped body that just rolls.

Sounds very limited right? However, this game actually gave birth to a new game model from the Kirby series that is no less fun than other Kirby games.

11. Honorable Mention, Animal Crossing: Wild World

Honorable Mention, Animal Crossing Wild World

Animal Crossing may be a bit foreign to Indonesian game ears, especially during the Nintendo DS era. However, it cannot be denied that this game is one of the top games, especially in America and Japan.

Animal Crossing: Wild World offers a Sand Box adventure on an island that gives players freedom in arranging their rooms, houses, and even the city where they live.

Because this game is so popular and many fans are waiting for the continuation, the Animal Crossing series has received a sequel that has very high hype on the Nintendo Switch entitled Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Good Games On Nintendo DS Few?

Actually there are many more games with very high ratings on the best NDS games. But if we break it all down, the game will never end because this Nintendo DS game is indeed special and good.

In essence, the Dual Screen feature on Nintendo helps awaken the latent potential of a game itself so that games and consoles both give each other a positive role.

Games with good gameplay and heart-touching stories will live forever in the memories of gamers, and will not be lost in time. Until now, these games are still sweetly embedded in the minds of veteran gamers.

And maybe, those of you who read this article also have very beautiful memories of the legendary games that we have described in this review.


Thus a review of the best NDS games that you can play so far. Games from the Nintendo DS are of course still very worth it to play in today’s era because the games offered have unique features and good stories.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends who are also interested in Nintendo DS games. Hopefully this article is useful for all of us. Happy playing and nostalgic!



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