The Most Complete and Easiest Contact Danamon Call Center –

The Most Complete and Easiest Contact Danamon Call Center –
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Every bank, of course, always provides call center services to help its customers more easily when they want to solve their problems or problems with their savings or credit cards, and one of them is Bank Danamon, which provides the most complete and easiest Danamon Call Center service to contact.

By providing call center services, of course, all of this makes it easy for customers to make transactions online and Danamon also provides credit cards where these cards function and can be used to make payment transactions without having to spend cash.

Talking about the call center services provided by Bank Danamon is of course the same as other banks, which provide 24-hour call center services to provide convenience for their customers.

Not only for Danamon customers, this call center service is also provided for new prospective customers who want to know more clearly about the information and products provided by Bank Danamon.

As the world of banking continues to grow, Damon finally has quite a lot of branch offices in Indonesia, namely 846 branch office networks.

About Bank Danamon

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This bank has existed and was founded in 1956. Bank Danamon was originally named Bank Kopra before changing its name to PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. in 1976.

Bank Danamon is a public company that already has a variety of product services and several products ranging from savings accounts, insurance, UKM Savings, services syria product, loan investment and many others.

As a fairly large and well-known bank company in Indonesia, of course it also has customers who experience many problems and finally Bank Danamon also provides a call center service that can be easily contacted by its customers.

So Bank Danamon sets up and provides Danamon Call Center services that you can contact at any time when you experience problems or problems with your savings or credit card.

Service Call Center You can contact Bank Danamon anytime and from anywhere, even from abroad.

Contacting the call center is the first step when you experience problems when you come directly to the Danamon bank branch office.

Hello Danamon 24 Hours

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Danamon’s Call Center is commonly known as Hello Danamon. The Danamon Call Center provides service for you 24 hours a day where you don’t need to be confused anymore to ask anyone about Bank Danamon information, because Halo Danamon provides and serves you wholeheartedly, that is, you can access the phone at Hello Danamon you can call the following number 1599 090.

If you call using a cell phone (from any area in Indonesia) you can simply dial the number 1-500-090 (without area code). The fee charged to the caller is a local fee.

However, for those of you who call using a GSM phone by dialing the number 67777. And if you are abroad you can call by pressing the dial telephone number (+62) (21) 2354-6100.

Besides you can contact via the call center at that number, you can also contact via email: [email protected]

when you call the call center at that number you can also ask about other service matters as follows;

  • When you want to activate Bank Danamon’s credit card before you use it.
  • Block your Bank Danamon account if there is a problem with your savings or credit card.
  • You can also ask if you want to check and ask about transactions that might be quite suspicious.
  • Find out about Bank Danamon credit card promos, such as discounts on hotels, flights, restaurants, and so on
  • To check the comparison of rupiah and dollar exchange rates
  • How to use overseas including the cost
  • How to transfer money abroad
  • How to transfer money to different bank accounts and so on

Other Information about Bank Danamon’s Call Center

1. Danamon Online Chat

Bank Danamon does not only provide call center services in the form of a telephone, but Bank Danamon also serves in the form of online chat, which is very useful for those of you who are experiencing difficulties when making transactions using Bank Danamon.

In the online chat, later you will be required to fill in your identity such as name, email address, telephone number, and what topics will you ask Bank Danamon about and later there will be options such as credit cards, investment production, registration and others, then proceed with what message do you want to convey to Danamon and the last step you have to write a capcha that proves that the sender of the message is not a robot but a human.

2. Danamon Telephone Pin

For Bank Danamon’s telephone pin, this is a secret code that you can use and for those of you who are a mobile banking user, of course, when you want to make various payment transactions. This pin is like an entry key for you, a mobile banking owner, to transfer money from your savings to a certain party. Because using mobile banking is quite vulnerable, an M-pin was created to maximize security when using Danamon Mobile Banking.

And for those of you who want to make a PIN for mobile banking, make sure the number combinations you use are numbers that are easy for you to remember but not easy to guess, this is to make it easier for you to make transactions and stay away from things in crimes that occur, of course. so that no one can break into your savings if you use m-banking.

3. Customer Service Email

When contacting a call center it is sometimes difficult and ends up making you do customer service via email and Bank Danamon also does customer service through the office. And for the address of Bank Danamon’s office, which is located on Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Blok C No. 10 Karet – Setiabudi Jakarta – Indonesia 12920. In this office you can ask all things about Bank Danamon, especially for those of you who are unfamiliar with using bank products that they usually offer to customers.

How to Contact Danamon Toll-Free CS

With the services provided by Bank Danamon Call Center, the most complete and easiest to contact, of course, all of this will really help you. Sometimes contacting the call center requires a fee that is credited to contact him. Moreover, sometimes there are problems that are difficult to contact the call center during rush hours

But you can do it with this one trick, namely by downloading the Digitone application first. By using this one application you will get points and these points you can use to contact Danamon’s customer service for free. The call will be automatically disconnected when the credit points are used up.

And this apki functions as a telephone, so the response from the bank will be given very quickly. The most important thing is that this app is free to use, they give you 5 minutes of free calls.

The following is how to use the Dingtone application.

  1. Turn on the smartphone device,
  2. Download the Dingtone application on the Google Play Store or App Store,
  3. install app,
  4. Register the desired phone number,
  5. Use it to call Danamon’s toll-free cs.

Apart from having a call center number, Bank Danoman also only has a few customer service contacts that you can contact online. So that helping you becomes even easier and you also don’t have to pay a lot to file a complaint.

The following are some of Bank Danamon’s social media.

  1. Twitter : @HelloDanamon (transaction and non-transaction)
  2. Twitter : @danamon (questions regarding banking products, events, and various other matters)
  3. Facebook : Bank Danamon
  4. Instagram : @myDanamon
  5. LinkedIn : PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tb


This is the article that we can provide about the most complete and easiest Danamon Call Center to contact. We hope this article can be useful.

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