The top 10 best Christmas movies of all time

The top 10 best Christmas movies of all time
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The top 10 best Christmas movies of all time

The 2000 film The Grinchwhich was adapted from Dr. Seuss’ classic picture book, remains one of the most-loved Christmas movies of all time.

It ranked fourth on our list because of the movie’s timeless and nostalgic feel.

The Grinch is also one of Jim Carrey’s most popular roles – despite the fact the 60-year-old star is virtually unrecognisable as the cantankerous main character.

In 2015, Carrey described the experience of getting into costume as the Grinch as similar to torture.

“That first day, the makeup took eight-and-a-half hours. It was like being buried alive,” Carrey explained to The Daily Beast.

Producer Brian Grazer said in the same piece that Carrey required CIA training to help him endure the costume.

“We had to keep the makeup, and we had to keep Jim – but we had to find a way to make it possible for him to endure something that felt like being tortured,” Grazer recounted.

Grazer revealed he got in touch with an old friend from the CIA who specialised in teaching agents how to withstand torture.

“We had an actor being held prisoner by his costume – he was being tortured by his makeup,” Grazer continued.

“Maybe the CIA specialist could teach Jim Carrey to survive the green Grinch makeup the way he’d taught spies to survive hostile interrogation?”

And it seems the CIA-approved method of enduring the Grinch costume worked.

Carrey went on to complete months of filming and sitting through hours of hair and makeup for the iconic movie, which sat at number one at the box office when it was released in 2000.



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